Diet and fast Twitch Muscle Fiber

In the realm of diet, as in most things in life, I abide by a combination of the Pareto Principle (otherwise known as the 80/20 rule) coupled with  the “best choice in a given circumstance” rule (i.e., “Keith’s rule”). More specifically, I am an unabashed Evolutionary Fitness evangelist, and although I am not a shill for Arthur DeVany (actually, he really has nothing to “sell” and therefore I’ve nothing really to “shill”) I will make repeated references to his diet and exercise theories. I can personally attest to the results of following (with slight adjustments, allowing for my own theories and life circumstance) his overall plan.  I will flesh-out what I mean by all of this as time allows and my blog continues to take shape.

Anyone involved in a true sport (i.e., not bodybuilding, which is not necessarily a “bad” thing in and of itself, just that it’s an anomaly in the sporting world) should be concerned with the acquisition and maintenance of fast twitch muscle fiber.  Art DeVany has a blog entry today with a link to a good article explaining the benefits of (and why my eating patterns and work-outs are geared toward) the acquisition of power and the pursuit of fast twitch muscle fiber.  It’s a highly recommended read; a good primer for the layman and a nice refresher for the anointed.  Check it out.

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