A Quick, Self-Serving Post

There are few things in life that I’m worse at than self-promotion, but I realize that someone writing a blog ostensively promoting his knowledge of diet and fitness ought to at least look the part. I’m far from a narrow-minded individual, and mostly I ascribe to the notion of assessing the message, not necessarily the messenger; but let’s face facts, shall we? I — and I would guess, you, too — am much more apt to give credence to those ideas emanating from someone who obviously “walks the walk”. Of course, just as soon as I say such a thing, I immediately think of Gregg Glassman (the man behind CrossFit). No one would argue that Mr. Glassman is himself a physical “pillar of power”, but in my opinion, no one has done a better job of integrating, teaching, coaching (and yes, there is a difference between teaching and coaching) and bringing to the masses the notion of cross-functional fitness. Now, lest it be thought that I’m some kind of a CrossFit groupie, let me assure you that I am not. Of the various CrossFit WODs, I’ve only done a handful — but this is not because I think the workouts themselves to be in some manner faulty — it is because my personal fitness goals do not fully align with the results that Mr. Glassman has designed the Crossfit regimen to illicit. I take from CrossFit what is useful (quite a bit, actually) for my purposes and leave behind, without judgment, what is not. More on pairing goals with appropriate schemes later, as this does seem to me to be a major roadblock to success — and a needless source of angst and negative diatribe, to boot.

Anyway, back to the main gist of this post. I have added my picture to the “A little bit about me” page. Not too terribly bad, I think, for a 43 year-old, office hack. Really, if I can pull this “fitness thing” off, anyone can. A pinch of discipline and a little “want to” (as we say here in the south) equate to 80% of the battle. There’s no magic, no smoke and mirrors.

One response to “A Quick, Self-Serving Post

  1. Great post. I too find Crossfit very interesting but find it too rigid a regime for my life. Although WOD’s are still included in my fitness regime. The picture you have added is astounding, you are in great shape! Really enjoying the blog, keep up the good writings!!

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