Spirituality, Dogma, and Diet & Fitness

Quote of the Day:
Sincerity is the highest compliment you can pay.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

It has long been my experience that the ferocity of held religious dogma can only be outdone by that of entrenched diet and fitness “knowledge”.   I’m sure there is a biological/survival component to the clinging onto of deeply entrenched societal beliefs.  When tribal wisemen (women?) proclaimed a certain plant poisonous, it would not have been to the individual tribe member’s advantage to think outside of the box, challenging the established mindset.  I recon that the “question authority” bunch was effectively winnowed thin  rather early in the evolutionary process.  Thankfully, the trait did manage to scrap together an existence, albeit a meager one.  I suppose this explains why there are so relatively few individuals able to resist the established dogma of their culture’s prevailing religion and “heath” practices/promotion norms.  I think, sadly too, that this must also explain the dearth of us libertarian-minded folks in the world.  One mustn’t ever give up hope, though. 

Do yourself a favor today, right now.  Take the first step in wrangling control of your own health.  Do away with the misconception of the established food pyramid and its fat-phobic, carbohydrate-heavy base.  Open your mind to a new possibility.  What have you got to lose — save some body fat and ill-heath?

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