Another Edition of The Tale of Two Workouts. Plus, an Interesting Article Find.

Vegetarian is an old Indian word meaning bad hunter.

A funny, if not apropos segue into this recent article in the London Times.  I allude to Art DeVany and Evolutionary Fitness quite frequently in TTP; in fact, the principles of Evolutionary Fitness form the underpinning of my own workout and diet regimen.  I think what I find most interesting about Mr. DeVany is that, like me, his interests are wide and varied, with diet and fitness being but one cord in an overall life-weave.  Anyway, give the article a read.  You’ll find it interesting and spot-on.  However, to get the most from the article, you must — must, I say — incorporate within your mind’s-ear, the  best Cockney accent you can muster. 

Now, let’s check-out a pair of contrasting workouts, shall we?  We’ll take a gander at methods and exercises employed this past Friday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

First off, Friday morning.  This being a workday, I’m hemmed within a 30-minute time frame.  No problem, though, getting a fantastic workout when you latch-on to something like this:

DB Snatch x 5 reps + Press/Push-Press/Split-Jerk.  Do a complete round with each arm, i.e., a complete round on the right-handed side, followed immediately by a complete left-sided round.  Keep each and every rep sharp and crisp. 

~ Then, superset each right/left complete round with ~

Weighted Pull-Ups x 4 reps

I ended up cranking-out 4 complete rounds of this, at weight.

By the way, if you’re at all confused by exercise nomenclature, or the proper execution of any exercise, check-out the appropriate links I’ve provided to the right.  Both Crossfit and UWL maintain fabulous, informative sites and serve as clearinghouses for such information.  You might not find the exact exercise I mention in my posts, though, and the reason for this is that I use hybrids quite frequently.  There’s no magic here, though, either; just a mating of two or more exercises into one “hybrid”.  So, using the DB Snatch + Press hybrid above as an example, just search the sites for “DB Snatch”, “Press”, “Push-Press” and “Split Jerk”.  Mash ’em up, and you’ve got yourself a little hybrid.

As a contrast to this, on Saturday afternoon (and with a little more time on my hands), I again headed to my personal playground at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, on the ECU campus.


The upper deck is where the real fun can be had


After banging-out a few ramps on the fixie, I turned to sprinting the rest of the way to the upper deck.


These substitute for hills in eastern North Carolina



Parkour, anyone? 

Once I reached the upper deck, I hit a combination of skip-step sprints and hops (single and dual-leg).  No rhyme or reason, just whatever hit me.  I quit when I sensed I was loosing “snap”, which is to say, well before I was exhausted — or really, even tired.

GEDC0274_opt    Too bad you can’t see much here, but this is another benefit to living and working-out  in a college town.  Taking-in cheerleading practice in between rounds on the stadium steps.


Rah, Rah, Sis-Boom-Bah!

Then, on Sunday morning, I humped the fixie over to the soccer field for some barefooted sprints.  6 x 100 yards @ approximately 90% effort.  Again, terminating the workout at the point of loosing “snap”.



A well-maintained soccer field translates into a perfect venue for barefooted sprints

Then it was through and around campus on the trusty fixie — which is quite dicey this time of year, with all the new, directionally-challenged drivers out and about, returning for the fall semester — and back home for some paleo meal preparation and readying for the new week.



In the reflection of the Murphy Strength and Conditioning Center, on the campus of ECU


In Health,






One response to “Another Edition of The Tale of Two Workouts. Plus, an Interesting Article Find.

  1. Keith, great to see you started up your blog again I have re-subscribed. Some really good posts the past few weeks really liked yours about integrating EF lifestyle to a normal day. I have too relaunced my blog over at http:/ and did a little Devany Overview article this morning inspired by yesterdays Times article.

    Keep up the great writing.


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