Usain Bolt, Again


Another amazing performance.  Photo by Phil Hilliard of the HeraldSun on-line,


This is an extremely interesting graphic breakdown of Usain Bolt’s 200 meter time as measured against the 250 best times in history.  Check out how far and away both he and Michael Johnson are from the rest of the distribution.  Just amazing, especially when you consider that fact that the other 248 times aren’t exactly sub-par performances.  I’d love to get Art Devany’s take on the fallout of this distribution, vis-a-vis Power Law Distribution.  Or Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s take vis-a-vis Black Swan theory.  These Olympics have really been a blessing for sprint-geeks  everywhere.  Use these performances to inspire you to get out and bust-off a few.  It doesn’t take long to get a fantastic workout doing some form or fashion of sprinting.  The hormone response and gene triggering a bout of sprints will unleash is really, to steal a cliche, the gift that keeps on giving.

And is Walter Dix a class act or what?  I love seeing an athlete who allows his performance to speak for itself.  Something I’d really love to see is Walter’s adoption of a Paleo/Evolutionary Fitness style diet.  I’d be curious to see what effect his loosing even a few pounds (he’s very muscular, though a tad smooth) would have on his sprint times.  The Paleo/EF-type diet would also foster a better hormone environment for the development of the all-important fast-twitch muscle fiber.  My feeling is, he’d be a much improved athlete — stronger and more powerful, at least — than he currently is.  Now, whether an increase in strength and power would actually translate into better sprint times in an already highly trained sprinter is debatable.  Many other factors, most notably “springiness/recoil” ability, reaction times, muscle insertion, mechanical leverage, etc., factor into sprint times.  It sure would be an interesting test-drive, though. 

Waddaya say, Walter?

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2 responses to “Usain Bolt, Again

  1. I think so too, archbob. However, I am a sprint-geek…and I swim like a damn rock…so I have to temper my assertion with my known preference for Bolt’s events. Can I do a little politically-correct fence-straddling here and say that both are phenomenal?

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