A Paleo/Evolutionary Fitness Style Dinner, Sprints and Comments on Olympic Record-Breaking, Correlation and Causation

There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it.
–William James

The above quote serves as a good segue into this blog post by Dr. Michael Eades.  This phenomena is especially prevalent in studies related to diet, weight gain, weight loss, etc.  Assessing the results of a study with a preconceived notion of what the results ought to be is a classic example of conformation bias.  Clear your mind, grasshopper.  See all things as they are, not how you would have them to be.  There is “comfort knowledge” (see my last post, here), just as there is “comfort food”, both of which impart a warm (although, quite possibly false) sense of stability in times of ill-ease.  Seek truth above comfort, and you’ll be all the better for it.


Please, don’t be like these guys.  THINK!

I dropped a line to Art DeVany Friday evening, to see if I could get his input on Usain Bolt’s record breaking performances as compared to the fastest 250 times ever posted — Art being the Power Law guru that he is.  See my blog entry about Bolt’s performance, and the comparison, here.  And Art delivered, just like I knew he would, with much clarity and insight.  The prior link is to Art’s free blog, so you don’t need a subscription to check this one out.   It’s an interesting read, and I highly recommend everyone skip on over there, when you’re done here, and check it out.

Meesus TTP and I had a wonderful Paleo/EF meal of ribs, avocado, tomato, broccoli and a smattering of mixed, in-season fruit.  Ribs, for us (on the grill at least), is a “weekend thing” because they take a good while to properly cook.  I prepared the ribs in the same way I doctored the steak in this post.   Then I grilled them for about 2 hours at a reduced heat — maybe 300 degrees F or so.  I also smoked the meat, using applewood chips doused with olive oil.  The smoke imparts a fantastic, though subtle, finishing touch.

A work in progress…



And the crowd cheers; Bravissimo!



And there you have it, the end result


Add a glass of my favorite — Cycles Gladiator cabernet sauvignon — and you’ve got one fabulous, Paleo/EF meal.

This morning, I got in a quick workout of barefooted sprints, 10 x 100 yards.  I altered a bit from my last sprint workout by doing the following: instead of concentrating on attempting to reach as close to a 100% top-end speed at each sprint, I concentrated on maintaining an approximate 80% top-end speed with repeatability.  That is to say, I cut my rest time between sprints significantly.  Just another wrinkle to keep it all fresh and keep the body guessing.


And now I’m off to the Raleigh Farmers Market to grab-up some good eats for the upcoming week.

In Health,




One response to “A Paleo/Evolutionary Fitness Style Dinner, Sprints and Comments on Olympic Record-Breaking, Correlation and Causation

  1. Looks like your living the good life. Those ribs must have been to die for!! Also good call on the 10 x 100m sprints. I need a quick workout for this Morning so will do the same myself….. Greatly enjoyed the link about Usain you threw up and Art’s response was excellent.

    Keep up the good living!

    Zen to Fitness

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