A Pair of Paleo Gym Workouts

The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate.

John Keats

Neither of these workouts lasted longer than 40 minutes, warm-up included.  Both were done on an empty stomach, at approximately 6:30 AM prior to the start of my workday.  I awoke at 5 AM on each of these days, with my commute to the gym (and the town where I work) lasting roughly an hour — long enough for a stout coffee and a select podcast.  


Monday, October 13th, 2008


  1. REA Split Squat x 5’s each leg.  Maintain lots of snap of this one.

  2. BTN/Front shoulder press x 8 total. Note: there is an actual name for this exercise, but for the life of me I can never remember what it is. Alternate, rapidly as possible,  between BTN and front presses, pressing the barbell just high enough to clear the head. Each round-trip = one rep.  This emphasizes the shoulders over the triceps, as the movement is not completed to full, over-the-head, lockout.  It’s a nice variation I like to throw in now and again.

  3. Regular-Grip, weighted pullups x 7’s

Three rounds of that fun stuff, then:

Wide PC-grip low pulls, rest-pause singles x 11 reps, followed by an additional set of weighted, regular-grip pullups x 6 reps. Barbell was racked at a point just above the knees.

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008


  1. Power Clean + Full Front Squat combo x 5.  1 Power Clean + 1 full ATG (ass to grass) Front Squat = 1 rep.  Don’t “ride” the weight down from the PC to complete the front squat.  Come up fully from the PC catch, then complete the ATG front squat.  It’s done as two separate and distinct, yet rapidly successive, movements.

  2. Dips x 3’s

  3. Rev. Grip Pullups x 3’s

Three rounds of that. I followed that with a fourth round of a 5-rep rest-pause single set for each exercise.

Revel in the effort. 

In Health,


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2 responses to “A Pair of Paleo Gym Workouts

  1. You’re right; thanks, Alex! Drives me nuts when I can’t remember stuff like that. I hope I’m not getting punch-drunk as a result of my head-huntin’, (American)football days.

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