Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

“Anyhow, the hole in the doughnut is at least digestible.”

~H.L. Mencken

A  reader sent in a question last week, part of which was an inquiry into some good breakfast, lunch and dinner choices.  I love a question like this because (1) the simplicity of it had me temporarilly stumped, and I had no “automatic retort”, so to speak, and (2)  it illuminated a basic tenet of the TTP lifestyle that I’d heretofore not given much thought to, but had just incorporated into my daily way of being.

Breakfast?  Lunch?  Dinner?  Yes!

Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Yes!

Truth be told, the sooner you scrub the psychological crutch of categorizing certain foods as only being “allowed” at certain parts of the day, the better, with the following step being the  scrubbing  from your mind of the notion of “breakfast”, lunch”, and “dinner” completely.  Personally, I eat whatever (within TTP guidelines) I’m hungry, and leave it at that.

A quick note of clarification: henceforth, I’ll simply refer to my take on diet and physical culture as the TTP (theory to Practice ) Lifestyle, in hopes of eliminating any confusion as to what particular “dogma” I follow.  Simply put, I follow none — not 100%, anyway.  I pick and choose, unabashedly, across the wide spectrum of diet and physical culture “knowledge”, according to what I believe is correct, sound, practical and directed toward my particular goals.   I will say that you’ll be hard-pressed to find much difference at between my diet leanings and those espoused by Art DeVany and his Evolutionary Fitness ideology.  Physical culture wise though, I’m much harder to pin down; much more.  Under the widest umbrella possible, I guess you could say that I’m a fringe CrossFit practitioner.  Pull up any of my workout posts, though, and you’ll say, “hey, that ain’t CrossFit at all” — and you’d be right, of course, it ain’t.  Not by strict standards, at least.  Every one of my workouts, though, adhere to my own, “cross-cultural”, TTP workout ideology.  I will say, too, that the CrossFit definition of fitness is one that I agree with whole-heartedly.  By the way, (and I receive no endorsement fee for saying this), the CrossFit journal is, in my opinion, a fabulous resource.  Well worth the 25 bucks per year.

…and now, back to our story ~

Of course, I do (and I’m assuming that most all of you do, as well) have to navigate the lifestyle confines imposed upon me by the work-a-day world.  That means, of course, that during the week (and sometimes over the weekend, as well), I’m presented with three, well-defined, dining , “windows of opportunity”.  Unfortunately, that’s (one of many) drawbacks to living in a corporate-based society.  Everyone has to make do with their circumstance, though, and that includes me.


Fruit, Cheese and Veggie Plate...With a Hidden Buffalo Burger at the 12 O'clock Position

(a hat tip to Cindy at Cindalou’s Kitchen Blues.   This Buffalo burger recipe is fabulous — and easy, too!)

So what happens is this: my meals throughout the day (morning, noon and night) are indistinguishable in their make-up — the only distinguishable variable is in their relative amounts.  This usually manifests in a small morning portion, a slightly larger noon-time portion, and with the largest portion taken at night (or late evening).  Anytime I’m away from the office, though, I eat “whenever”; and the variance here is wild — sometimes 4 meals, sometimes one or even (though I’m not a big proponent of it) a fast.  If I’m not hungry, I simply don’t eat — if I’m ravished, I eat like a wild boar.  It really is as simple as that.  This is only possible, though, once you’ve kicked the carbohydrate addiction I wrote about here.

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  1. Roger that, Jeff. Meesus TTP is making baked eggs today (or so she says); I’ll hover around and take some pictures.

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