Workouts for the Week of March 15th, 2009

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Upton Sinclair

Hmmm.  I wonder if Upton was referring to mainstream obesity researchers when he said that?  Just a fleeting thought.

Anyway… on to the subject at hand; last week’s workout compilation.

First off, notice the total rep ranges of each exercise in the following workouts. In following with my 25 for a Bigger Engine hypertrophy philosophy, I’ve tried to maintain within a 20-to-25 rep range in each exercise (time permitting). I can usually pull this off with a simple two exercise superset; thee or more exercises (i.e., a complex), though, means that most times I’ll have to sacrifice total reps to squeeze-in the extra movement. What’s more important, the inclusion of an added exercise, or achieving the total rep goal (20 to 25) on a fewer number of exercises? Well, like most things related to diet and fitness, it depends.  And discussion on that topic would require a post in and of itself, so… let’s get on to the subject at hand, and leave that notion for another day.

Monday morning, YMCA

Just call me the juggle-meister, ‘cause it’s going to be one of those catch where catch can weeks. And away we go:

  1. Front Squat x 5
  2. BTN Push-Jerk x 5
  3. Single-Arm, Bent-Over DB Row x 5 (each arm)

I was able to get 1 semi-heavy round of this, then 4 rounds at my working weight. Total time, warm-up to shower, clocked-in at 45 minutes.

Wednesday morning, YMCA

This wound up being a pretty good “gut check” workout. I minimized the rest time between each set, and, let me tell you, I felt it toward the end.

  1. Front Barbell Push-Press x 5 (1st – 115, 2 thru 5 – 175)
  2. Clean Grip Low Pull from the floor x 5 (1st – 225, 2 thru 5 – 315)
  3. Weighted Dips x 5 (1st – 45, 2 thru 5 – 80)

The first round here was semi-heavy, followed by 4 subsequent rounds at working weight. The last of those 4 rounds was completed in a rest-pause fashion that looked like this:

  1. Front BB Push-Press: 3, 2, 2
  2. CG Low Pull: 2, 2, 3
  3. Weighted Dips: 3, 2, 2

This was a total body hammer. As an example of what I mean by “semi-heavy” and “working weight”, I’ve included the actual loading I used for this particular workout (in parentheses). I think of the semi-heavy round as a bridge between the warm up and the working sets.

Friday morning, YMCA

Went to bed way past my normal beddie-bye time Thursday night due to a late-running baseball game that wound up being the coldest baseball game I’ve ever endured. At least we came out on  the winning end (6 and 0 thus far — woot!) In any event, I ended up with less time than normal to squeeze in a workout. This is how I managed it:

1. “Werner”-style, explosive muscle-ups from the floor x 5

2. Regular-Grip, Power Pull-ups x 6

3. Power Curls, from the floor x 5

I was able to get 3 rounds of this in before I ran out of time. I think I hit on this complex for approximately 25 minutes after my warm-up. Notice I’m still in a higher rep range here. Ideally, I would have opted for approximately 25 reps of each exercise – but “ideally” just ain’t what occurs, sometimes, so you do the best you can with what you’re given; lose the battle, win the war.

Saturday: A CrossFit-inspired, 10-minute quickie

I had a hella-lot going on Saturday; had to go into the office for a few hours, (which is not so bad in and of itself, but I still have that damn hour commute each way to deal with), re-stage the house for home-sale possibilities after a spate of inside painting (paint it in neutral colors, and the buyers will come – or so goes the theory), and run out to pick-up our month’s co-op order from Spring Run Market. I had the itch to do something strenuous, though – but what? Here’s the “what” that I came up with on the fly:

1. Body Weight Dips (done in the attic access opening of my house)

2. Platform Jump (on to a 30-inch-high table)

3. Ab Wheel roll-outs

I did this little routine in a 3-round, CrossFit-esq fashion of 21-15-9 repetitions. It took all of 9 minutes, left me feeling pretty jacked, and – most importantly – satiated that “itchy” need to “do something – anything — physical”

In Health,


2 responses to “Workouts for the Week of March 15th, 2009

  1. Off topic, but here is a very interesting radio documentary on ‘Iron Man” Mick Murphy who won the 1958 Ras Tailteann cycle race in Ireland using a training regimen which mostly consisted of a raw foods paleo diet (i.e. cow’s blood and raw meat), weight training with stones and home made concrete bar bells and training rides in between circus acts. More anecdotal evidence against mainstream endurance training! Enjoy!

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