A Couple of Interesting Links

“Ira furor brevis est. Anger is a short madness.”


Carl Lanore, of Super Human Radio, hosted an interesting interview recently with Dr. Antoine Roux of the University of Montreal.  The discussion centered around Dr. Roux’s involvement in a study which identified sugar consumption — or, more specifically, glucose signaling — as a factor in accelerated aging.  It’s an interesting discussion, even if Dr. Roux is difficult to understand at times.  God bless him, though — I can only imagine how an interview with moi, in French, would come off 🙂

And here’s an article from Science Daily covering the same territory.  Yet another reason to lay off the sugar, and refined, packaged foods, in general.

And if simple table sugar muck’s-up your inter-workings like no one’s business, how ’bout the evil that High Fructose Corn Syrup can lay upon you?  We all know to stay the hell away from HFCS, but just in case you need a little more prompting or “reasons why”, check out this T-Nation article by Dr. Lonnie Lowery.

Have a wonderful, safe and very Paleo weekend!

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2 responses to “A Couple of Interesting Links

    • Carl has access to, and probably more time than any of us, to study the relevant data and studies. He’s a smart guy, and the data (and associated logic) point to only one, sane conclusion. I do give him credit, though, for publicly and wholeheartedly supporting a “fringe” diet idea.

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