More Daylight than Darkness

“…I am a tambourine.  Don’t put me aside till the fast-dancing starts.  Play me some all along.  Help me with these little sounds…”

– Rumi

The darkness is beginning to subside, as Michelle and I continue the strive to focus on fond memories over reliving the pain of Brittani’s passing.  The things I’ll miss about Brittani are too numerous to catalog, though what seems to stand out in the forefront of my mind these days was our shared love of Rumi.  As this post marks my tentative return to the blogosphere, I’d like to post a couple of pictures of “B” — pictures representative of the way Michelle and I want to remember her.

Ministering to the "Flock"

Ministering to the "Flock"

"...I am a tambourine..."

"...I am a tambourine..."

Unfortunately, the business side of one’s passing must be dealt with rather quickly, and this will occupy a good deal of my free time in the coming weeks.  I am ready, though — and I know B would want me — to get back in the swing of things as soon as possible.  That’s exactly what I intend to do.

I can’t say when my first “back to normal” post will be, but it will be soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with me (and Michelle), folks.  Thanks for all the kind words, prayers and comments.  They helped more than you’ll ever know.

In heath,


17 responses to “More Daylight than Darkness

  1. Keith,

    Brittani was clearly the kind of person who made a positive impact on others and the world, and you do the same with your work here. I’m sure that she was as proud of you as you are of her.


  2. I’ve never lost a child, but family members have passed in sudden and shocking ways, much before their time – and I know that it can be devastating. She was a beautiful girl, inside and out no doubt, and it will take time, but it’s good to hear that you and Michelle can so quickly circle back to focusing on the fond memories of her after such a tragedy. Your family is still in my thoughts and will be for some time to come.

  3. Long time follower of your blog. I was crushed when I heard the news and my condolences go out to you and Michelle. Stay strong as I know you will. She will not be forgotten as I’m sure she owns a place in your hearts.


  4. Keith and Michelle,

    We were blessed to meet your precious Brittani on April 25 at our Spring Festival at Victoria Bryant State Park. She was one of the first to volunteer in response to our contacting Emmanuel College, inquiring if any students would like to assist us with our “Great American Games” for parents and children. Brittani’s love of Christ and zest for life were very evident all through a long – and unexpectedly VERY hot – afternoon as she delighted the many children attending with her face painting talents.

    We know that our devastation upon learning of her passing is merely a drop in the ocean of tears that have been shed. Our hearts and our prayers are with you and your family during these most difficult days.

    Erik & Rachel Brown
    Friends of Victoria Bryant State Park

    • Eric, Rachel —
      Thank you so much for sharing that memory. Brittani will be missed more than words can express, though Michelle and I take comfort in stories such as yours, and in knowing she touched so many lives in her all-too short time here.

      Thank you,

      • Hi Keith,

        We were delighted to find a place to share our memory with you, and are so very glad you found it of comfort. Brittani touched a lot of folks – adults and children – that afternoon, and was just a joy to have at our event.

        The e-mails have been flying among the members of our Friends group over the weekend with different ideas about how we’d like to honor Brittani. Could you please contact me via the e-mail address above as we would like some input from you and Michelle on our plans.


        • Rachel,
          Thanks again for the kind words. I’ve emailed you and forwarded this message to Michelle.

  5. Keith,
    My prayers and good thoughts go out to you and your family. Stay strong and know that people care about you.



  6. Keith, I met Britt @ Morningstar when she was 16 years literally IN WORSHIP! I was a student there and I am old enough to be her mom and was honored to be a spiritual mom to her when she needed a bed to sleep in here in Charlotte to go to MSTAR, or whatever else we could do for her. She was a LIGHT in a dark world, an AMAZINGLY, UNSELFISH, GIVING, LOVING, TRANSPARENT young lady and I am honored to have known her. We used to pray for you, she loved you very much. Britt would want you to smile because she loved you and knew how much Jesus does too! We will never forget Britt and never stop praying for you and your family.

    • Thank you, Lynn. B was music, and we miss her more than mere words can express. I’m so thankful that Michelle was able to find you. She relayed to me the story of how you and B met — amazing — and yet, I’m not at all surprised 😉 She did have a special gift.

      • Two years ago about Britt told me to read a book, do you know it or who the author is? It is called Red Moon Rising. I pray you are doing as well as you can be………………..I know Britt wrote it all down for me, I have so many things written from her in journals, I have to try to find it but thought I would ask you……………….Take care of yourself & Michelle and Chase……………….and I hope your kids are ok, no one has mentioned them but I pray for them too, they are beutiful, Britt gave me a Christmas picture of your family.

        • Hey Lynn,
          Yes, after a pretty rough go, my kids are doing fine. Lots of diversions with school, sports, work…teen/young adult life. They have periods, though, just like all of us, of intense mourning. There’s just so many memories that spring up and catch you unaware and unprepared. Thanks for asking about them. Thanks for the book suggestion as well (and thanks, Chris, for “Amaz-identifying” it). I will certainly look into it. I will really miss our deep,spiritual discussions. She was so spiritually-wise for her 23 years.

  7. She always told me you and I needed to talk about Rumi together sometime. haha. She bought/gave me sooo many books of his poetry.


    • Rumi affords many avenues for deep discussion. Good to hear from you, Sierra — hope all is going well.

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