One Final Goodbye

“Don’t grieve.  Anything you lose comes round in another form.”


We miss you, Britt ~

We miss you, Britt ~

Michelle and I will be flying down to Austin, Texas this afternoon, for Britt’s Saturday, 1PM, memorial service.  Our extended family is, for the most part, concentrated in the central and southern potions of the state; it’s one of my favorite regions in the world, and one that I hope to return permanently to one day.  I’ve lived away from the area since my Texas State days, and I’d like to say that the opportunity to visit family and old friends will somewhat makeup for the circumstances of our travel, but, alas, I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this trip.

So I’m an eclectic mixed bag when it comes to spiritual belief, so much so that I’ve never been completely comfortable in any particular spiritual “home”.  I do believe, though, that there is an “after” subsequent to this mortal life; this belief has as much to do with spirituality as it does with a (rudimentary,at best) understanding of quantum physics.  Brittani,on the other hand was decidedly — though a very open-minded — Christian, and our spiritual discussions were something to behold.  I’ll miss them greatly.  She’d mentioned to me shortly before her passing that she wanted me to look into some of Rob Bell’s work, so that we could discuss his ideas at some point.   I’d never heard of Rob Bell, or the “emerging church movement” (prior to B’s having mentioned him), until a DVD (everything is spiritual) that was nestled amongst a box of Brittani’s belongings seemed to call out to me.  I have no idea why this item alone — from among the myriad of other “things” that we had to deal with — called out to me, but it did.  I didn’t even realize at the time that it was Rob Bell’s work.  For whatever reason, though, I watched it and — wow — I would have loved to have discussed this with B.  Quantum physics meets spirituality?  Yeah, my kind of stuff alright.

So maybe she’s flashing that wry little smile at me now, and with a nod, hitting me with her patented, made ya think a little, huh?

Yes, B, you did make me think a little — and you continue to do so.  We’ll talk; I’ve got lots to hit you with myself 😉

In (spiritual) health,


22 responses to “One Final Goodbye

  1. One of my favorite authors, a priestess herself in the Irish pagan tradition has a saying in one of her sci-fi books –

    “Nid myned a ddel eilwaith” (gaelic)
    What comes again has not gone

    I think you have it – cherish those moments you feel closest to her – you would not be thinking of her if she weren’t thinking of you.

    You lost more than a child, K – you lost a friend, too.

    thinking of you both…
    -Susan in Vegas

  2. Keith,

    Wishing you and your entire family peace during this difficult time. Once again, my prayers and good thoughts go out to you and Michelle.

    Stay strong for each other,


  3. Hey Keith,

    If you want some stress relief after the flight in/funeral service, I would be glad to crush you into the floor at one of my 3 studios. Perhaps not in the mood, but the offer is there.


    • Skyler,
      Can I take a rain check for around the middle of August? I’ll be back in Austin around that time. I’d love to be put through an SS/HIT session from someone who knows the system inside and out.


  4. Hi Keith
    I am going to bring/send Michelle something and I have something on Quantum Physics for you too if you are interested……………..if you didn’t know, Morningstar although christian faith based is totally about quantum physics, have you heard of Ray Hughes and his theory on music? TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOU AND MICHELLE ! My family lives in Texas too (Houston, well Magnolia, TX)

    • Hey, I didn’t realize you were in Magnolia, Lynn. Michelle will be in Houston visiting family later this week (tomorrow, possibly?), and she’s in San Antonio now. It would be great if y’all could meet somewhere. Do you have her email/cell number? If not, drop me a note at and I’ll get you two in touch. And by all means, I’ll read anything you’ve got to share. It does seem like I remember Britt mentioning Ray Huges, but I don’t recall having read anything by him. I’ll look into that as well.

  5. Hi Keith

    I’ve been following your blog (along with Conditioning Reasearch) now for some time and just want to thank you for sharing on fitness as well as more important things.

    Also I want to encourage you on your search for what Britt had discovered.


    • Thanks, Espen, I’m glad you’re enjoying the TTP blog, as well as Conditioning Research (Chris is doing a bang-up job with CR).

      I could only hope to be as solid in my faith as Britt was. She was truly inspiring.

      • 🙂 that is excellent and a good legacy to leave behind!

        faith = trust, and grows with experience (like in any other relationship). Just don’t lose courage when things get rough.

      • saw a clip from the dvd and it was excellent. so just ordered a copy and I am looking forward to watching the whole thing.

        strange thing, your last comment made me at the same time feel happy for you for the time you have had with brittani and sad for you loss. courage, and yes I am sure she’s watching you with excitement to see how this adventure will unfold 😉


        • Inspirational words, Espen; thanks. And I know you’ll enjoy the dvd. Rob Bell really has a gift for delivery.

  6. Thank you so much to everyone for your sweet & encouraging comments, it is people like all of you that have made this time so much easier to deal with.

    Love to you all!
    ~ Michelle ~

  7. I think that might have been my DVD at some point. She had borrowed it awhile ago. I got it free randomly in the mail and forgot about it until she found it in my room when she was cleaning it (haha.) and I told her to take it. I’m glad you liked it. Brittani’s faith was much stronger than mine ever will be. She introduced me to Rob Bell, Shane Claiborne, and Rumi and it changed my outlook on just about everything regarding any form of “higher power.” I gave up on Christianity a long time ago, but I don’t know if I can give up on the teachings of Jesus (if that makes any sense.), especially in light of reading the works of these three amazing men.

    • I think anything “man-made” (i.e., Christianity, church, etc.) is destined to fall short of the truth it is attempting to capture. I’ve come to look at any religion and/or philosophy (church as well) as simply tools to help unfold and reveal that truth, nothing more. The thing is — in my experience, at least — the more “tools” you allow to yourself, the more facets of truth will be revealed to you. Everything is interconnected, and everything is spiritual if you allow it to be 🙂

  8. I don’t know if any of you have read The Shack (by Paul Young). To me it captures excactly what it is all about, to be connected to our creator directly in a loving realtionship, and not by man made stuff (christianity, religions etc). It’s a really excellent read and I cannot recommend it strongly enough. I’ve never been touched by a book like that.

    I have watched the dvd by Rob Bell and I really enjoyed it, thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • I just finished The Shack, in fact. Good stuff. I wasn’t as “wowed” by it as others who I’ve spoken to, but that’s due, in a large part, I think, because I already believe along those lines; that is to say, it didn’t force me out of any box. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it, though — or that I wouldn’t recommend it — I would. I tend to prefer my writing, though, a little more “deep” than the mainstream would consider palatable.

      • I guess it depends on personal history how a book (or anything else) touches us, but it is true that for me it was more on an emotional level than on an intellectual one.

        If you come over some books that really make you think, I’d be interested to hear about it! (Already really enjoying Body by Science…)

        • N.T. Wright is one author who really pushes me outside of the box. And, of course, (now, thanks to B) Rob Bell.

          • I’ve read the Challenge of Jesus by NT Wright which I liked a lot and plan to start on (for the second time) ‘The New Testament and the People of God’, but that one will take some time to finish.

            • Yes, N.T. Wright is not one to be read quickly. I’m currently slugging through Surprised by Hope. Fantastic, yet challenging, material.

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