Today’s Workout, and Some New Video Clips

“Haste makes waste; speed takes pace.”

Quote found on the ECU throwers’ WOD board

Well, I finally got around to getting these 7 or so new clips posted.  Check ’em out, here.  This is from the same session that the first 7 came from.  Just a little feel for the kinds of things I do outside of the gym.

And in fact I headed out to the playground today for some pull-up bar muscle-ups, ring flyes, reverse ring flyes, ballistic push-ups and (the only thing that I can quantify for the day) 6×100 yard barefooted sprints.  I finished-up with some fixie interval sprints around the ECU campus and G-Vegas in general.  Made a stealth pass by my son’s new place, a little rental house a few blocks of the main ECU campus.  Yup, little boy is growin’ up and out on his “own” now.  He’s not out of reach from his old man bombin’ by on the old fix, though.  Poor, mentally scarred for life kid 🙂

Enjoy the new week.  Make it yours.

In health,


13 responses to “Today’s Workout, and Some New Video Clips

    • You can alter the intensity of each by varying your foot height. Good exercises born of simple pieces of equipment.

  1. I added ballistic pushups today to my workout. Goodstuff.

    I have a question for you. I wrote to you before and told you how I was training for next football season.

    I was initially doing everything in the 3-5 rep range but lately I had the itch to add reps to all my lifts. I am still focusing on the speed(concentric effort) of the rep but while performing higher reps. Doing between 10-12 reps.

    I don’t know if there is a right answer, but Art de vany always talks how higher reps work more slow twitch fibers. I am very critical of my training and I don’t want to lose any of the power I have built by going with my instinct and doing higher reps for a few weeks.

    Do you see any arm?

    Remember I am a running back training for football. Speed, power, change of direction are my goals.

    • My advice is this: when you lift weights, lift weights. Sounds flippant, but really, it’s not. Instead of doing a higher reps/set scheme, I’d jack the weight up (remembering to keep the weight where explosiveness is still maintained) and do more sets of 1 to 5 reps. Save the rep schemes for sprints (which can be considered a higher-rep leg workout) and bodyweight exercises — which, btw, are fantastic as well — pull-ups, single arm pushups, ballistic variations, rope climbing…you get the idea. Remember, you’re trying to specialize here. A CrossFit type workout is fantastic for it’s intended purpose — GPP. You’re (I’m assuming) a step beyond this phase. And you’re right in thinking that there is no “right” answer — just “better” answers for each given scenario. I would, as a thumbrule, though, stay away from higher rep schemes in the barbell/dumbbell exercises when short duration power output is your overall goal.

  2. Keith I’m new to explosive lifting any pointers or a good online learning resource for db snatches etc

    • I know Ross Enamait has a video somewhere of him doing the ol’ Cred + press + push-press + push-jerk routine. Check through his video collection, here. You’ll have to search around a good bit to find what you’re looking for — it’s time well spent, though, as he does some crazy-cool stuff. I love his videos, and he’s just a great guy to boot.

  3. Keith, one suggestion I have is to put up some videos demonstrating the basic power lifts. I know there are plenty of these videos on You Tube, but it’s difficult to tell which ones demonstrate the correct execution I’ll bet that those of us here who are just getting into the more functional style of lifting weights would be more confident learning from you.

    Completely unrelated: how often do you get a flat riding around town on your fixie? I’m considering a greener way to get around town, and was wondering if the skinnies puncture significantly more often than knobbies.

    • I rarely flat on my fixie — but I do take on some added weight to make that possible. I use Kevlar-lined tires and puncture-resistant tubes. Flats are a rarity. I used to ride to work everyday when I was employed in town (it was approximately 8 miles one way, but I could stretch it to 10 when I wanted a ride through the ECU campus), so flatting was something I tried to avoid like the plague. Unfortunately I work out-of-town now, so riding is not an option. I do miss that.

      I do want to get some weight lifting vids up, but here’s the problem — I don’t go to a gym in the town where I live, but in the town where I work. That being the case, I only lift on work days. That is to say, my “film crew” is still in bed sound asleep when I’m tossing iron. We are planning a special weekend trip, though, to get this accomplished. When, though, is the $64k question 🙂

  4. Keith, I stumbled onto your blog as I was researching some new excercises to incorporate into my workouts. Just wanted to thank you for the videos and posts as I’ve been following the blog ever since.

    • Good deal. I hope you can gain something from my methodologies. Not at all conventional, but they work for me.

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