The Anatomy of an Impromptu Workout

“We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

Louis Brandeis

The View from College Hill

The View from College Hill

I started out on my trusted fixie Saturday, 14-hours into an intermittent fast, with the idea of doing a quick barefooted sprint session at the ECU athletic complex before coming home and setting in to watch Lance defend his 3rd-place position in the TdF.  As I approached Dowdy-Ficklen stadium however, I thought I might rather hit some stadium sprints instead.

As luck would have it, the stadium was in fact open; lots of action going on, with football recruits moving in and out of the training complex.  August is fast approaching, which means the kick-off of football season is a mere 5 weeks or so away.  Damn I miss that game.  But anyway, I digress…

I eased on through the gates, circled around through the concourse to the ramps, and had

Decisions, Decisions.  In the end, I took the easy way out.
Decisions, Decisions. In the end, I took the easy way out.

just begun my ascent when I spied a new stash of tractor tires and bumper plates staged for a little outdoor fun for the football recruits.  Change number two to the day’s plan came about when I decided that performing overhead lunges up the entire stadium ramp complex, with a 20kg bumper plate,seemed like a fabulous idea.

Now there are 20 ramp segments from the Dowdy-Ficklen concourse to the stadium’s upper deck, and I managed between 11 and 15 lunges per segment…so let’s see, that’s — I dunno, a whole hell of a lot of damn lunges.  Performed on a steep incline.  And with 20kgs straight-armed overhead.

Madness, right?  Well, I did rest approximately 20 seconds between ramp segments; does that count for anything?

Eventually, I stumbled out onto the upper deck, recomposed myself, then hit a few rounds of step sprints while holding the bumper plate in front of me in a position somewhat similar to say, performing curls with an EZ curl bar.  On each descent, I again straight-armed the plate overhead.

On the way back down the ramps (walking, not lunging), I did a combination of single-arm presses (as if I were “shot putting” the plate) and straight-arm overhead lockouts.

You're gonna do what?...Where?
You’re gonna do what?…Where?
A tad heavier, and more cumbersome, too, than the Travelocity nome.
A tad heavier, and more cumbersome, too, than the Travelocity gnome.
Again, the nome would've been more managable...
Again, the gnome would’ve been more manageable…

Now I’ve had sketchier fixie rides on the way home after a tough workout, but I think this one won the “endeavor to persevere with toasted legs” prize.  Not to mention that holding my head up with fried traps took a bit of doing.

So as many of you are undoubtedly aware, a tough workout in the middle of a fast will put the squelch on your appetite for a good while following.  I rode this wave for all it was worth (about 4 hours, post workout), and finally ate about 6 PM that evening — eggs, ham, raw milk and a smattering of fruit and berries — purposely holding the carbs to a minimum.  I grazed the rest of the evening on raw cheese, salami (a poor choice, I know — it was situational), pork roast and a little bit of sweet potato with raw butter.  And I made sure to down plenty of fish oil as well.

Hey, if Lance can dust it up with the youngsters in the TdF, I can give the football recruits at ECU a little something to talk about.  “Yo, you see that crazy  mo’ fo’ over at the stadium…?

In health,


11 responses to “The Anatomy of an Impromptu Workout

    • Actually looking to move somewhere near the Austin/Georgetown/Lake Travis area. Time to get back a little closer to home, a little closer to the folks. They’re not getting any younger.

      • Geoarbitrage is a wonderful thing. We’re currently house hunting as well. Great market to buy in, no doubt.


        • Yeah, unfortunately I can’t be a re-locator/buyer until I’m first a seller. Double-edged sword thing, I guess.

  1. There’s one thing that stands out to me when people talk about losing weight or wanting to lose weight, and that’s how they talk about the method they’re using or will be using. Diets. just. don’t. work. Not for long term weight loss and maintaining that weight anyway. They’re a quick fix. It really is a conscious choice you make to change the lifestyle that you lead, and it still surprises me that a lot of people don’t get that that is what it takes.

  2. Keith,

    That is hardcore. Makes me think that the training session below would be almost easy for you. Although I root passionately against Stanford, I think this event (open to the public) sounds really cool (maybe ECU should do something similar):

    Stanford Football will hold its 2nd annual alumni conditioning test on Sunday Aug. 9th, at 4:00 pm. Please contact Jon Haskins for details…

    The event will be run in the stadium. Each participant will recieve a DVD of the event and will be followed by a game of “Peru Ball”.

    Four Quarters of Pre-Football Fun:
    1st Quarter – Tempo Runs @ :10 seconds x 6 reps
    Line – 65 yards Big Skill – 73 yards Skill – 80 yards
    Rest – 25 seconds between reps

    (Rest – 1 minute between quarters)

    2nd Quarter – Cut 120s @ 40 yards x 4 sets
    Line – 24 seconds Big Skill – 22 seconds Skill – 20 seconds Rest – 15 seconds between reps

    (Rest – 2 minutes at Halftime)

    3rd Quarter – Tempo Runs @ :07 seconds x 6 reps
    Line – 45 yards Big Skill – 50 yards Skill – 55 yards
    Rest – 15 seconds between reps

    (Rest – 1 minute between quarters)

    4th Quarter – 300 Yard Shuttle @ 25 Yards Intervals
    Line – 72 seconds Big Skill – 68 seconds Skill – 64 seconds

      • Oh yeah, forgot to note that “Peru Ball” is a hybrid of football, rugby and basketball that evolved when Harbaugh tried to teach football to some kids in Peru while doing volunteer work down there. I guess they were on an outdoor hoops court, and the kids decided that reaching the end zone required putting the football through the hoop. He said it was a blast, and plays it with his team.

        As much as I prefer to dislike Harbaugh, that is pretty cool. (Almost as cool as letting guys and gals off the street try to finish his team training session… apparently civilians who complete the circuit can earn sideline passes to games this season.)

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