Talk Radio as a Motivational Tool? And a Blistering, Friday After Work, Workout

“Youth is not a time of life – it is a state of mind. It is not a matter of red cheeks, red lips and supple knees. It is a temper of the will; a quality of the imagination; a vigor of the emotions; it is a freshness of the deep springs of life. Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over a life of ease. This often exists in a man of fifty, more than in a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old by deserting their ideals.”

Samuel Ullman

wipeboard wisdom

wipeboard wisdom

A little bit of ECU Track and Field throws coach David Price’s wipeboard wisdom; deconstructing the hammer throw.

Well, well, well…how could I not workout after listening to this Super Human Radio exchange between host Carl Lanore and guest Randy Roach, author of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors.  This is a fantastic episode of SHR, and if you’ve never given the show a chance because you think it might be just a bunch of meathead, bodybuilding blather, give this episode a shot.  I promise it will change your mind.  Plenty of intelligent, edgy discussion on healthcare reform, vaccination controversy, corrupt politicians and companies, nutrition, diseased citizenry — I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  This episode will get you jacked for a workout better than downing a double red-eye (known as a black-eye in some parts) while jammin’ to my boys Rage Against the Machine. A little old school RATM here, just to set the tone–

Nicely done, boys.  And remember, now — if you don’t turn on politics, politics will turn on you.

Anyway, after an hour’s long drive home from work, listening to Carl and Randy ranting it up all the while, I was good and spun; the ol’ Friday evening kick-back was not an option at this point.  I immediately jumped out of my work-a-day garb and into some workout attire, saddled-up the ol’ fixie and headed out.  I hit about 45-minutes worth of sprint intervals around G-Vegas and the ECU campus, finally winding up out at the track and field throws practice area (aka, the playground).  From there I performed the following:

  • Pull-up bar (straight bar) muscle-ups x 4
  • Elevated feet ring flyes x 10
  • 45 lb. plate toss* x 10

4 rounds, with very little in the way of a breather between rounds.

*For a demonstration of the plate toss, check out the athlete in this Jay Shroeder, Evo Sport clip, at 24 seconds in:

Now in my version, I used a heavier plate (a 45, in this case), and I also added a glute/hamstring kick (akin to what you’d get out of a kettlebell swing, or maybe a power snatch movement) to propel the plate as high as possible, while still maintaining “control” of the plate; i.e.,  I was able to catch the plate cleanly, at chest level, with hands just above the 9 and 3 position, and with the plate face remaining verticle to the ground (i.e., flat to me).  Believe me, snagging 45 lbs from a free-fall a few feet over your head x 10 reps will toast your shoulders and arms.  It’s good stuff.

Next up here on TTP, I’ll be ranting about the unholy beast that is the bill HR 2749, set to enter Senate debate shortly.  Want to maintain access to raw milk, grass-fed, free-range meat, organic produce, supplements and the like?  Well, it’s time to get your opposition on.  Well talk about it next up.  Until then, here’s a preview of this insidious bill, from The Proud Political Junkie’s Gazette, one of my favorite political/activist blogs.

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10 responses to “Talk Radio as a Motivational Tool? And a Blistering, Friday After Work, Workout

  1. I was actually messing around with plyo curls yesterday for giggles; I guess I’ll have to be a little faster next time! I’ll also try the plyo tosses with a bumper.


    • There really is something to Schroeder’s “madness”, if you consider it from a fast-twitch/evolutionary fitness/athletic development standpoint. Problem is, most mortals can’t stick to his protocol. Now, maybe this is a clever way of him being able to say that he has few “trophy athletes” to show because no one can stick to his dictates, I don’t know…

  2. Good stuff. I really liked the easy process Super Human radio offers on their site for faxing your congressman about the HR 2749. I followed it and faxed his local and DC offices. It couldn’t be simpler, and now I feel a bit less politically lazy.

  3. Good stuff. Thanks for blogging on this bill, Keith. I’ll post something myself and take action as well, probably linking to what you write. I wrote about this bill myself recently:

    I consider the food Nazis THE prime political threat to my health and well-being — over and above the “health”care “reformists”. I would rather keep healthy in the first place than consume copious amounts of illness care services. I refuse to call it “health”care.

    Here is another example of such nonsense. I learned this AM that it is illegal to sell wild-harvested mushrooms to restaurants or markets in NY State. Immediately what sprang to mind was that this could be coming from the conservation side of things.

    Nope. NY Health Dept. would like mushrooms produced in approved facilities rather than picked in the dirty, messy outdoors by presumably grubby, unlicensed people. Never mind that many of these varieties can’t really be grown in cultivation.

    Mushrooms aren’t exactly a critical topic for us ancestral dieters, but if it’s up to these ignorant do-gooders, all we’ll have left to eat in 20 years is hydroponically grown irradiated, nutrient-deficient crap that has never seen a photon of sunlight. All for our own “safety”.

    Such food regulations “for our own good” will do wonders for the nation’s healthcare costs, I’m sure. FAIL.

  4. Keith: I listened to the podcast where they were talking about healthcare reform, and I’m sorry but those guys were really ignorant of what the issues are, and what the proposed solutions consist of. It seemed like the moderator was basically just throwing out his frustrations (generally reasonable ones) but coming up with solutions that were irrelevant or contradictory. He had all the catch phrases (like “socialized medicine”) down, but really had no knowledge of the real issues.

    I’m not saying they had nothing useful to say. Their comments about food, in particular, were generally spot on. But beyond that, a lot of smoke and not much fire.

    • Carl does tend to edge toward the conspiracy theorist side of things, but I thought that, for the most part, he (and Randy Roach, as well) did a good job, in a short period of time, calling out some of the overall faults in the healthcare system — and to be sure, there are faults a plenty (and, of course, these are his opinions). With not too many satisfactory fixes on the table, I might add. I also like to hear Randy’s take on the Canadian healthcare system, since he is an insider, so to speak. But, hey — that’s the payoff for me running this blog — I love to hear all takes and all sides! I’m an odd duck that way 🙂

      • Actually I’m more fine with the conspiracy theories than some of the stuff about the healthcare system. I’m very much in their camp on the whole globalization thing, and the CODEX. That’s a fight I’ve been fighting since the 70s when a massive mail campaign to congress got the act passed that protected access to supplements. This whole CODEX thing threatens that, and it’s a huge juggernaut that’s going to be hard to stop. But you’re right, it is great to hear different points of view on the Canadian healthcare system, though from all the surveys I’ve seen, people in Canada are much happier with their system than people in the U.S. are. And no one is proposing a Canada-style system in any case.

        And definitely keep posting links to different points of view. I’m always willing to listen to someone with a different perspective.

        • As soon as I can get my act together, I will post an update on HR 2749 — which will apparently now be meshed with the senate’s version, which is S-510. Same badly reasoned ideas permeate both.

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