12/1/09, Ushering-in December, in Style

After a few days away from work and some impromptu bodyweight workouts to bust-up the traveling-induced body-fog, it was back to business as usual (aka, the work-a-day grind).  Up a 4:30 AM, in the gym and busting it out at 6:20 AM.

  • GHR: 50 x 5; 55 x 3, 4; 60 x 2 (55 x 2)
  • BTN Push-press: 135 x 5; 165 x 5; 185 x 3, (2, 1, 1)
  • Weighted reverse-grip pull-up: 45 x 5; 70 x 5; 75 x 3, (3, 2)

4 total rounds.  The last set of each exercise was done in rest-pause fashion.  Terminated reps on all on loss of explosiveness – no grind-it-out reps.  45 lb plate toss x 5 as cns stim prior to each push-press set; rev-grip to reg-grip muscle-up combo x 2 prior to each pull up set.  No sprints today, other than what were included in the warm-up.

Not posted yesterday – stadium sprints.  Alternated between prime-times and sprint starts up the ramps.  Sprints & hops on the upper level deck steps, superset with elevated foot ballistic pushups x 8’s.  Approximately 8 rounds of steps, 20 individual ramps.

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