1/3/10, Tire Flips & Such – In the Cold!

Thought for the day: wind-chill sucks!  Even though the actual temperature wasn’t all that bad.  Began the day with a fixie huck up to the “playground” – for whatever good that did as a warm-up 🙂  Then:

  • dislocates, 1 x 50
  • 50 yard sprints x 6

Followed by:

  • tire flips x 6 (minimal rest between flips, each flip as fast as possible)
  • foot-elevated ring flyes, 2 x 12
  • straight-bar muscle-ups, rest-pause singles until miss (10, 13, 11)

Three rounds of that.  Don’t know what the deal was with the first round of muscle-ups – maybe I wasn’t fully warm?

The tire I used is an old Armstrong 18.4 R38 tractor tire.  I don’t know how heavy that thing is, but it’s sure awkward as all hell to flip.

Performed this workout in an 18-hour fasted state.  Post workout nutrition was a Fage Total with a handful of pecans.

This will set me up for a Tuesday AM push-press/Rev grip pull-up workout.

6 responses to “1/3/10, Tire Flips & Such – In the Cold!

    • The key is to trash what little common sense you might otherwise have – at least, this is what Meesus TTP says of me 🙂

    • Here ya go. It’s an excellent shoulder warm-up exercise, especially for those who traded shoulder health for football “glory” 😉

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