2/25/10, MetCon, Unilaterals

Under a work-related time constraint today, so I had to hurry it up a bit.  A very simple two-fer MetCon superset to kick things off, then a single-leg thruster/single-leg deadlift superset to finish-up.  Not very sexy, I know — but effective?  Hell yeah.

Whip Snatch to Overhead Squat: 95 x 6, 6; 115 x 5, 4, 4  (3 ass-to-grass, bottom-of-the-movement “cycle squats*” on each rep)
Ab Wheel Roll-Outs: x 8 each round

5 total rounds.  Want to see just how much your “core” contributes to your ability to “grip it and whip it” and upon your ability to maintain OHS stability?  Try that little superset as an experiment.

*Cycle squats: from the bottom-out position of the squat, come up to the thighs parallel position, then drop right back down to the atg position.  Do that three times, then on the forth “up”, come all the way up to the starting position.  That’s one rep.  Reload, and hit it again.  Evil?  Uh-huh.  Effective?  You bet.

Then it was on to a unilateral superset of single-leg step-ups (on the Atlantis machine) and single-leg dumbbell deadlifts.  I like to think of these single-leg step-ups as “sprinter’s starts” since they so closely approximate the initial step out of the blocks.  Building appreciable strength in this motion is, of course,  an admirable goal.  However, this is a perfect example of a movement that that can be strength-trained to a detriment.   In other words, strength gains, at the expense of like-movement speed, results in a crippling of that like-movement power output.  Of course there’s also the notion of the weak-link in the chain to consider (my right leg’s squat/dl ability), which is what I’m attempting to rectify over the next few weeks.  All part of the Yin-Yang, push-pull nature of things.  Find the weakness and address it.

Single-leg step-ups (Atlantis machine): 90 x 8; 180 x 7, 7
Single-leg DB deadlifts: 80 x 7, 7, 7

3 rounds.  Right leg is feeling better, stronger and more stable every day.

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