4/15/10; MetCon for Sprinters and, Posturing for a New Round of NAIS Grand-Standing

…and a new round of attempted power-grabbing.

First off, thanks to Starbucks for softening the blow of tax day here in the US with an offer to fill your reusable travel mug with free coffee.  A day with good, free coffee can’t be all that bad, can it?  Good for the environment (the reusable mug, that is), and good for your caffeine jones.

Now, do you appreciate easy access to supplements, grass-fed/free-range protein, and all manner of locally-grown, organic produce?  Keep a close eye, then, on the FDA and the McCain bunch, because here come the scare tactics.  These types of problems simply don’t exist with locally-raised/pastured livestock, yet politicians and government entities fail to recognize this fact.  Anyway, standby for more of propaganda — these are the preliminary body-blows that serve to soften one up for the knock-out punch.  And, of course, what use is a politician without a boogie-man to protect us from?

I wrote about this issue previously, here.  But don’t for a minute think that this attempted power-grab (or, more specifically, Senate Bill S.510) is completely dead.  There’s far too much opportunity for profit and control to be had.  No need for me to elaborate any further on this, as Marti Oakley at the Proud Political Junky blog has already done the heavy lifting on this one.

*Late edit (4/16/10)*  Also see Diana Hsieh’s related post here, at her blog Modern Paleo.

Remember folks, he “…who controls the food supply, controls the people…”  If I’m not mistaken, that’s a piece of a longer, Henry Kissinger quote.  Regardless of who said it, though, the sentiment is spot-on.  Let your elected officials know that you want them to keep the hell out of your relationship with your local farmer and rancher; no room for a governmental menage a trois here.  Nor do you need a big-daddy figure to save you from the “evil” supplement supplier.  We’re all intelligent, big boys and girls, here — no hand-holding needed.  Thanks for the offer, though…

Now go on out and get your free Starbucks coffee…while caffeine is still off the FDA hit-list.

On to the iron-game side of things –

Today’s workout consisted of 3 rounds of the following:

Russian lunge (jump for height): 30 lb vest x 3, each round (alternate legs)
single-leg box squat: 30 lb vest + 20 lb DBs x 6, each leg, each round (thigh parallel to ground, with butt on box)
GHR: 30 lb vest + 30 lb DB x 4 each round
Ab wheel roll-outs: 30 lb vest x 5, each round
reverse grip pull-ups: 90 x 3, each round

Volume was a little lower than usual as I intend to do some mixed-intensity fixie riding — and maybe some barefooted sprints — this evening; the weather here in eastern NC is gorgeous today, and I hate to miss an opportunity to get out and about.  I blew through this one at a rather fast pace, resting only long enough between exercises so as to enable crisp, explosive reps on the upcoming exercise.  Max power production on every rep was the primary goal, with overall speed of completion being a lesser concern.  Still, though, I allowed myself no lallygagging between exercises.

7 responses to “4/15/10; MetCon for Sprinters and, Posturing for a New Round of NAIS Grand-Standing

  1. Starbucks is part of the BIG MACHINE so no worries that caffeine will be on the government hit list anytime soon, that’d single-handedly take down the entire city of Seattle so no way will that happen. Great article, babe! As usual.

  2. Keith,

    First of all let me say that you have a fantastic site. I heard about it while listening to Robb Wolf’s podcast. I am on day two since finding your site and find myself checking back on your site for updates.

    I am curious about your fixie bike. At first I had to google it because I didn’t know what the hell you were talking about. Why do you prefer it over traditional bikes? I can remember riding one as a kid (banana seat and all), but I don’t remember it being much different other than the coasting. I would like to know your thoughts.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Fixie love explained in an upcoming post, Chris. Welcome, and thanks for the good words; I hope you can find some useful info here.

  3. Hi Keith,

    If “he who controls the food supply controls the people,” and Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food,” then, by extension, he who controls the food supply controls the medical system.

    Thanks to our deteriorating food supply, the floodgates are rupturing the medical system.



  4. I like your food pics. Not quite porn. More like the sears catalog bra section. You know it’s good inside there but not always the best presentation. I’m the same way.. Looks like a big pile of brown. I’ve come a long way lately though adding onion to the ghee for browning and spice add some pastured lamb or beef, cook a little add cream or spice easy 5 minute meal. But the mRs… picture worthy, restaurant spoiling awesome meals. I’m spoiled– yet easy to please. But one thing is for certain, my one pan wonders are a lot easier to clean up. Especially since I use the same pot all day. Okay too much info there.
    Makes going out a pain though. Especially when what I think I order comes out fried in ?? or crusted with ?? and sides of ?!# veggie oil in everything. Amazes me that restaurants are not always sure what kind of oil they use. Any REAL butter back there? Like I can’t believe they eat that much butter.

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