Iron Metcon, 5/18/10

Performed this combo with as little rest as possible between each movement, and with each rep in the scheme performed in rapid-fire fashion.  I really pushed the envelope to, but not over, the edge of form degeneration.  This is a fine line to manage.

snatch x3 + btn push-press + OHS x 5 combo: 95 x 1, 115 x 1, 125 x 1, 1, 1

weighted reverse grip pull-ups: 45 x 7, 7, 7, 7, 6+ (stall-out)

The combo and pull-ups were done in alternating fashion, with very little rest between movements.  Keep the body in motion as much as possible, while minimizing down time.  This is another from the “easy on paper, killer in practice” files; it’ll have you blowin’ like a freight train by the final set of pull-ups.

Snatches were done in a touch-and-go from the floor, while maintaining a grip on the bar throughout, and as rapid fire as possible.  Speed of rep execution is premium, here  Following the 3rd rep, lower the bar to the high-squat rack position and immediately hit a btn jerk, and then immediately drop into a below parallel OHS.  Shoot back up and repeat the jerk/OHS movement for a total of 5 reps, fast, fast, FAST.  Be careful, though, to maintain proper form, and DO NOT sacrifice form or speed for load.

Then a superset of:

GHR: 3 sets of 15, at bodyweight

ab wheel roll-outs: 3 sets of 7 at bodyweight

Again, I kept the reps snappy and minimized the down time between exercises to a bare minimum.

Lower back is still a tad loosey-goosey from the recent fixie near-miss, so I didn’t push the roll-outs to hard.

On the epigenetic front –
More food for thought, and a great article, here, supporting the notion that you are not totally at the mercy of your genes.

Remember, each of us has to engage our surroundings as best as we can, given our unique and particular circumstance.  Not everyone has ready access to a well-equipped gym, not everyone has unlimited access to a food co-op or farmers’ market.  Pre-existing injuries, work schedules, family obligations — the myriad of diverse variables that, once in collusion, define a life —  establish for us the palate and medium with which we must create our own, personalized version of paleolithic physical culture.  This is why stock programs never work, why “bootcamp” mentality (i.e., the tactics employed on, for example, The Biggest Looser) ultimately fail in the long run.  Sooner or later you’ll have to deal, one-on-one, with the real world, the day-to-day grind of normal existence.  This is where dieters and physical culturalists succeed or fail, this is where truth speaks to power.

Learn to find your own, unique way.  One can learn, regurgitate and profess mastery of all the theories of navigation, but being left for dead in the wilderness is the only true and meaningful test of that knowledge.

6 responses to “Iron Metcon, 5/18/10

  1. Speaking of the real world, I hear you won’t be here this memorial day. This is good; I was going to be in Arizona anyway and then I’m off to Panama for a month.

    Don’t you do a family reunion activity in mid Summer?

    • Arizona? Whoa, make sure you take your “papers” — and Panama for a month? I’m waaay jealous.

      Yeah, had to reschedule that trip — or, rather, I’m trying to reschedule it now. And, yeah, we always have a family reunion sometime in July. I hate to wait that long, though, to get down and talk with Mark. I’m getting itchy for a change. Damn Tim Ferriss and his 4-Hour Work Week for further stoking my intolerance of the antiquated work structure.

    • Heh, yeah, I LOVE 70’s Big!! I hadn’t seen this particular thread yet, though — thanks for the heads up.

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