OUR BODY, The Universe Within — and — Workin’ Out the Travel Kinks

I’m back, now, from a whirlwind trip to Austin, Texas; it was great to visit with family and friends, and get back, even for a short while, to the great state of Texas.

The Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sport, at the University of Texas, Austin

A couple of the trip’s highlights: taking in OUR BODY, The Universe Within, at the University of Texas’ Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, A trip to my all-time favorite bike shop, Mellow Johnny’s (where I engaged in some serious fixie lust), and an absolutely kick-ass, trainer-guided workout at Efficient Exercise of Austin.  The trainer?  None other than Skyler Tanner.  15 minutes of true HIIT/SS training that thoroughly wiped me out.  I’ll have a write-up on Skyler’s 15 minutes of Keith-pummeling up soon.  This style of training is quite a departure from the manner in which I normally go about business, and I gotta tell ya, the notion of training “what you suck at” was never more apropos.  More — much more — on that eye-opening experience later.

Mellow Johnny's, this cyclist's Nirvana...

So I’m quite possibly the world’s biggest wuss when it comes to traveling.  It takes me days to readjust and “get right” after the experience.  Don’t get me wrong — I love being at my destination — I just don’t tolerate the “getting there” very well.  I am thankful, though, that I was able to get a full-body hammering in during this particular trip, as it made my overall travel re-adjustments — and this workout, as well — go much more smoothly.

Note: my initial intent today was to hit some high-hang Oly bar power snatches.  I subbed for those for Creds, though, at the last minute.  Why?  I just felt like I wanted to introduce a bit more of a unilateral element following my bilateral work this past Saturday.  So here’s what I ended up with this morning:

6 rounds of the following complex, very little rest between movements.

creds (single-arm dumbbell snatch, each arm): 70 x 2; 80 x 2; 90 x 6 sets of 2

feet-elevated (approx 24 inches) ballistic push-ups: 30lb vest x 3

ab wheel roll-outs (on feet, little as possible ground-knee contact): bodyweight x 10

I finished up with some Nautilus 4-way neck work, 30 lbs x 12 (404 tempo) front and each side, 40 lbs x 12 (404 tempo) to the rear.  Funny thing: for whatever reason, I was thinking about what part of my physique has changed the most over the years.  For me, that has to, without a doubt, be my neck.  Nothing builds a bull neck like bangin’ heads with lunatic fullbacks and oversized tight ends.  I miss that.  The big neck, that is — not the brain scramble incurred as a direct result of sculpting that neck  🙂

11 responses to “OUR BODY, The Universe Within — and — Workin’ Out the Travel Kinks

    • And thanks for the hat tip on the shirt, big guy. You can’t (or maybe you can?) imagine how many compliments I received on it!

  1. Hi Keith,
    Looking forward to reading about the beat down you got from Skyler 😉

    I’m going to take a little trip to Austin late June.
    Any recomendations? Restaurants? Hikes?
    Thanks in advance.


    • I’ve got many, Mark; hit me up on Facebook, and Michelle and I can put together an extensive list of “must dos”.

  2. I’m a California boy with Texas roots from my dad’s family. When I was in Austin, I felt like it was a California country town. Let me explain. The 1930’s dustbowl era sent Oklahomans and Texans streaming into California, many in the valley. Many of these towns are (or were at one time) more Texas than California, but still a combo of the two in any case. Kind of TexaCali (not quite TexMex, not quite MexiCali, something different).

    Anyway, Austin is in Texas, no doubt, it’s a Texas town, but for some reason it’s like a bit of the reverse, like a town full of Californians that became Texans (perhaps someone from Austin would shoot me for saying that). Great music scene, too, a bit of Seattle grunge scene back in the day with a Texas twang.

    And, heck, getting your ass kicked by Skyler while you’re there, even better. Cheers.

    • Good analogy. Austin is quite different than “the rest” of the state. I’m a tad bit biased, but it is my favorite city in the US.

  3. Keith,

    There is no-one better qualified to dish out a HIT beat-down than skyler. Efficient Exercise is a beautiful facility…a perfect mix of Scandanavian minimalism and dungeon. Please have a Shiner-Bock for me. If you visit San Antonio, tell the guys at Bike World I said Hi.


    • Shiner-Bock and Artz ribs comprised my post beat-down recovery meal — at approximately 21-hours fasted, no less 🙂

    • Doug,

      You’ll appreciate the routine, as it involves version 2 of the hyper-rep monster that you experienced. Keith’s strength was radically tested and it shows in the video we have.


    • Certainly, email away! I forget not everyone is on Facebook. I concede, I do have the FB virus 🙂

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