Skillet Pot Roast & Sausage

Came home from my Austin trip to an empty freezer, so I stopped off at the store after the following day’s work and cruised by the meat counter to see what was on sale.  This is think-on-the-fly meal making, 101, with lesson #1 being that of damage control: not gonna find grass-fed, free-range, loved-and-hugged-on animal protein/fat around here, so let that go for now, and move on.  The key to success is consistently making the best from among lack-luster choices, and following that up with hittin’ ’em outta the park when life pitches plums.  Anyway, beef roast is on sale, so I pick one up that weighed-in at about 2 lbs., or so.  Now, what the hell to do with it?  Found some Bass Farm sausage on sale as well.  Hmmm, ok, things are starting to come together, in a Paleo-on-the-fly kind of way.  By the time I amble over to the vegetable area, I’ve got it somewhat fleshed-out — some kind of a skillet roast, I’m thinking, with sauteed….something.  How about some mushrooms, onions, and broccoli?  Sounds like a plan.

So once home, I brown the roast in an iron skillet with a generous amount of coconut oil, and set it aside.  Then I chop/slice/dice (whatever…cut ’em the hell up) the  mushrooms, onions and broccoli.  I put in some fresh garlic and scallions for good measure, and sauteed the heap in the same coconut oil that I’d previously browned the roast in.  I then put the sauteed veggies with the roast and sausage in the iron skillet, and set that in a 400-degree oven for about an hour.

Turned out not half damn bad, if I do say so myself.  Below: out of the oven, and on the plate —

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So, if I eat like what’s described above, will I look like Franco?

I dunno, but it can’t hurt to try.  Give it the ol’ n=1, college try  🙂

10 responses to “Skillet Pot Roast & Sausage

    • Thanks for the thought; any cookbook that I would pen, though, would be pretty damn short. Now, Meesus TTP, on the other hand, is who we need to write the definitive Paleo cookbook for (highly!!) discriminating tastes!

  1. A good place to buy your meat is from La Cense Beef. I work with La Cense Beef which is an approved USDA grass fed program. Our beef is 100% grass fed and is higher in omega 3 acids and lower in calorie and fat as opposed to traditional grain fed beef. The La Cense ranch is located in Montana where they ranch, sell and package their meats to sell directly to consumers. The next time you make pot roasts for dinner, I would recommend trying grass fed Black Angus beef. Believe me, you will taste the difference!

    • I second that — I’ve never been disappointed in a La Cense order. I happen to live in a place where I’m surrounded by local farms and ranches and so I don’t need to mail order very often — when I do, though, La Cense is my go-to shop.

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