6/2/10, Some TUL-Intensive Horizontal Pushing and Pulling, and a Severe Case of Carb Lust? WTF?

Went out for a little “hair of the dog” fixie huck last night.  Nothing major, though; simply an attempt at working some of the soreness out of my legs resulting from Monday’s Tour De Raleigh.  The TDR ride was only supposed to be a 24-ish mile gig; dumb-ass that I am, though, I turned that into something more along the lines of 35 to 40 miles due to my knack for getting completely and utterly lost.  What, ask directions?  Are you kidding me?  Oh well, what’s an extra and unexpected hard hour or so in the saddle, right?  Anyway, like I said, nothing major last night — just a quick trip out for coffee, then back to mi casa.  Couple of short sprints to juice the legs and stoke the metabolism; a dose of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind to rev the spirit and intellect.

Carb Lust…WTF??

So after 3 pretty damn tough hours in the saddle on Monday,  I finally wheeled into Cup-A-Joe’s for a badly needed shot of caffeine, and to introduce my lovely daughter — who’s moving to the Raleigh area — to the awesome Cup-A-Joe’s vibe.  Anyway, I rack the steed, hydrate a bit, attempt to stretch my lactic acid pumped legs, then hobble up to the counter to order-up — only to have the most delicious poundcake/brownie/whatever-the-hell platter of scrumptiousness looking me straight in the eye…wantonly, even.  Whoa!  I haven’t been hit by that kind of an intense carb lust since way back in the initial stages of my Paleo transformation.  And I’m talkin’ mouth-watering lust, here.  Funny thing, though: after about 5 minutes, and few sips of coffee, the craving passed; completely.  Now, I don’t know if the craving subsided because I was no longer face-to-face with the the instigating entity, or because of the coffee ingestion, or what.  In fact, my daughter arrived to meet me shortly after I’d settle-in with my cup o’joe and IndyWeek, and as we chit-chatted, she munched-away on a cookie the size of a cup saucer (I know, I know…and so does she) — never once, though, did I suffer a recurrence of the carb-noshing urge.  I can only guess that I was a good bit hypoglycemic (having just come off the bike) while at the counter, so it was just a perfect storm of momentary low blood sugar, and “offender appearance” timing.  Strange, though, to have felt that feeling again, and a good reminder of what new initiates the the whole Paleo gig have to suffer.  It’s all so easy for those of us who have crossed the bridge — sometimes it’s good to look back and try to recall what those dark days of transition were like.

Tuesday AM Training

Still working the TUL angle, here.  Next time in the gym I’ll hit a more explosive modality.  Gotta keep it all in rotation.

A giant set of the following:

Atlantis pec-deck (seat @ 6): 120 x 5, 4.  No forced or negs.

ballistic push-ups: bodyweight x 6, 6

Atlantis semi-pronated grip press (seat @ 6): 5, 4+ 4 forced reps/negatives (6-count for 3, lost on 4th)

Atlantis seated row (semi-pronated grip, seat all the way down, 2 holes visible on pad): 120 x 6, 5+ 3 forced rep/negs (6 count)

Tempo on all reps was maintained (except on the ballistic push-ups, of course) at 10/x/10/x, with “x” signifying no pause at the top or bottom of the movement.  Forced reps and/or negatives followed concentric failure on the 10/x/10/x tempo reps.  Again, I realize that weights used on machines is meaningless to anyone but me, but I use this blog as a workout tracker and as an extension of my gym notebook.

I followed the above up a superset of:

GHR: 30 lb vest x 10, 10, 10

kneeling jump squat: 30 lb vest x 6, 6, 6; all for max height

Then, a round of Nautilus 4-way neck: front and each side 40 lbs x 10; rear 50 lbs x 10

So why limit the TUL work to upper body only?  Well, the short answer is that all that biking I do is, in and of itself, a good amount of TUL work for the quads, and a fair amount (since I ride a fixie) for the glutes and hams.  The GHR’s were thrown in as restorative work, and the kneeling jump squats were put in in an attempt to maintain a bit of explosiveness in my legs.  I find if I don’t keep up with a bit of explosive work in the midst of a heavy riding spate, my legs tend to lose “pop”, and though they maintain strength well, explosiveness is another story.

And finally, a little good news, and a little bad, on the HFCS front.  Look out rest of the world, the US has a care package for you, and it ain’t pretty.

12 responses to “6/2/10, Some TUL-Intensive Horizontal Pushing and Pulling, and a Severe Case of Carb Lust? WTF?

  1. I have found that coffee is rather effective at curbing hunger and cravings in certain situations. Not that much is needed either.

    I think coffee stimulates glucose release out of the liver, particularly when one has empty glycogen stores.

    I’m not sure if this is better than actually eating some low GI carbs instead.

    • In fact, I did not eat until approximately 2 hours (and another 5 miles or so of riding) after this. And I gotta say, that was one damn good Fage yogurt, too!

  2. I just resumed training for bike racing 6 weeks ago after taking the past 7 years off. Because I went from literally riding zero miles to throwing myself in a race the day I bought my new bike, I would also experience intense carb craving episodes afterwards.

    I figured it had something to do with the glycogen depletion resultant of seeing cross-eyed for 2.5-3 hours. I would be so physically drained that my body really craved sweets…like gatorade.

    I’ve since adjusted my paleo diet to include more potatoes and a little bit of rice after these hard training sessions, along with more fruit before, after, and during the rides. Finally, I make sure I have a gazillion calorie heavy cream, greek yogurt, and protein powder shake ready immediately after my rides.

    So far, so good.

    • I think you’re spot-on, Patrick. And the thing is, it really doesn’t take all that much day-to-day (or race day) carbohydrate intake to make a big performance difference, either. An endurance athlete, once adjusted to the Paleo lifestyle, can perform stunningly (and I believe, much better) on what “normal eating” endurance folks would totally freak-out over.

      Thanks for your input/observation.

  3. Ran a 10k race recently, afterwards was hit by hunger/carb pangs like I had not felt in years. 4 eggs fried in butter and a very large scoop of fage topped with some hot sauce fixed it right away.

    I don’t run regularly, only races which I enjoy.
    This weekend coming up a little mini reverse triathlon.
    5k run, 15k cycle 1/4 mile swim in the gulf of mexico. I load up on some calories a day before but will do the race in fasted state. Will drink water as needed.

    n=1, I’ve noticed that the hunger/craving is much stronger after a 5k or 10 k run (22 min or 52 min) then a whole day playing in a tennis tournament (also fasted state). Maybe the steady cardio effects the hunger signals differently?

    Great post Keith. Please look for my email in regards to Austin. Thanks!


    • Marc, have you considered coconut water as an intra-race replenishment agent? I keep meaning to take some along on extra long (for me) rides to test it out, in an n=1 kind of way, but I can’t seem to remember to do so. Interesting about the run vs. tennis observation. Sounds like a great bio-chem question to throw out to Robb Wolf.

      Dang, Marc, I’m not gonna lie — I totally forgot about that! Let me pick Meesus’ mind as well, and I’ll send you out a list of recommendations. When exactly are you heading out to Austin? Are you planning on going anywhere outside of the area? San Antonio, maybe? San Marcos?

  4. Keith,
    I have the coconut water in my fridge…and I keep forgetting it’s in there!! I will try it on Sunday, good suggestion. Wil let you know if I notice difference vs. water

    Email on it’s way.


  5. @Keith

    What if the Carb Lust wasn’t initiated by you? What if the Carb Lust was your GI flora actively manipulating YOU for its purposes?

    I know it sounds wacky and way-out-there but there is precedent in nature for things like this.

    Check out “brain-jacking” here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acanthocephala#.22Brain-jacking.22

    Brent Pottenger and I have been thinking about this, see my question on PaleoHacks here:


  6. “For those of us who have crossed the bridge”

    Love that! Gives me the visual I need to remember where I am and what I am doing.

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