Announcing an Exciting New Partnership!

“Wow” is such an understatement, yet it’s the only word I have to express my joy at the moment.  Maybe Robb Wolf wouldn’t mind if I borrowed his “Holy Cats!” for the occasion 🙂

Well, after much (and months worth of!) pains-taking consideration — the manner and degree of which was truly worthy of any life-course altering decision — all the various pieces have now finally all come together, and the timing is right.  Serendipity has manifested both an opportunity and the  perfect outlet for me to pursue my life-long love and exploration of Physical Culture, and to fulfill my desire of “paying forward” that passion and knowledge of the subject to those who might hunger for the message.  And to make a good situation even better, that opportunity just happens to be in my beloved native state of Texas…hey, who could ask for more?

So what’s with all the elation today?  Well, Austin Texas’ Efficient Exercise president Mark Alexander and I have recently came to terms on a deal that will bring me and my North Carolina dog-and-pony show down to the Austin area to become an integral part of the Efficient Exercise team (which includes, by the way, Skyler Tanner).  And I couldn’t be more thrilled over the prospect.

I can’t think of a more perfect outlet than Efficient Exercise for me to freely coach (some would say “evangelize”) my brand of Physical Culture – High Intensity Training (HIT) that is results-driven, essentially protocol agnostic, and personally tailored to meet each and every individual client’s unique needs and goals.  Mark and I share the same vision of providing not only excellently-crafted and uniquely tailored personal training, but also comprehensive life coaching.  We all know that Physical Culture doesn’t end in the gym; in fact, “training” is only a small part of a 24/7, life-long wellness pursuit.  Training, diet, day-to-day lifestyle choices – all of these are interwoven threads which contribute to the great tapestry of a life well-lived.  My personal aims and goals coincide perfectly with the Efficient Exercise vision of providing a comprehensive and personalized Physical Culture education to those who endeavor to look good, feel fantastic, and perform optimally.

One client at a time, one life change at a time; uniquely-crafted, personalized service.  That’s the Efficient Exercise standard of excellence, and that commitment to excellence is why I’ve ultimately decided to become a part of the fabulous Efficient Exercise team.

How this will ultimately affect the Theory to Practice blog going forward, well, at this juncture, I’m not quite sure.  I can certainly envision posting much more “through the trainee’s eyes” type content, as well as more Austin-area based posts (I can’t wait to dive head-first into the Austin area fixie scene  J   ) from the Efficient Exercise blog.   We also plan to enhance the Efficient Exercise web presence, and so TTP may become absorbed into the cumulative, revamped Efficient Exercise web experience.  Or, it may be that I’ll post the more “nuts and bolts” diet and training related ideas on the Efficient Exercise side, while keeping to the more theoretical and conjecture-based topics here at TTP.  Time will tell, and these things will eventually shake out.

So needless to say, this is very, very exciting for me.  As the Austin/central Texas area is a Mecca for endurance-based athletes, I’d love to bring some of these folks into the Efficient Exercise fold, and chronicle their strength-derived, endurance performance progress.  Hey, c’mon by and check me out Lance,  🙂  — and all the guys and gals out at Mellow Johnny’s, too – added strength and a rockin’ anaerobic metabolism are the endurance athlete’s heightened performance secret weapons.

But then again, added strength and a rockin’ anaerobic metabolic system are the secret weapons to everyone’s looking good, feeling fantastic, and reforming optimally.

So you’ve been good to me, North Carolina; really good to me.  I’ll cherish all the many, many good memories, and I’ll certainly miss all the close friends I’ve made here over the years.  Time doesn’t stand still, though, and we all have to heed our calling if we are to be truly fulfilled.

Stay tuned TTP readers, for more updates, and a new edge to the TTP blog.  And if you’re in the Austin area and looking for a personalized training experience and/or some serious lifestyle coaching, give us a call, or drop in and see us.

35 responses to “Announcing an Exciting New Partnership!

  1. Keith,
    Congratulations. I look forward to your further observations as you convey your methodologies and approaches first hand to clients, clients who will range broadly in their understanding of these concepts.

    I’ve truly enjoyed and benefited from the essays and resulting discussions. I feel confident that I was able to understand most of it!, but I’m sure there were many points that if I had had the benefit of a TTP coach to walk me through it, I would have better understood. Your essays and your accomplishments with TTP may stand by themselves… however, taking this into coaching & training will be rather interesting. In other words, your observations about how you CONVEY to your clients these concepts, how you adjust given the client (as you point out in this above post), etc., it will be interesting to hear all about this. In words you have been a good coach/trainer/conversationalist, face to face with people I’m sure it will be an incredible rush to put theory into practice.

    • Spot-on, Zach. It’s one thing to discuss these ideas with an audience that is, for the most part, “in the know” — it’s quite another to put these, sometimes esoteric ideas, into lay-speak. I can imagine that 95% of “teaching” will actually be a dismantling of wrong ideas propagated by the mainstream. I’m excited over the challenged, though.

      • I am confident in predicting, based on the quality of your blog posts and answers to comments, that your communications skills are very well up to this new challenge. Fitness-minded folks in the Austin, TX, area–be they ‘enthusiasts’ or members of the ‘untutored laity’–who are interested in improving their training will be lucky indeed to have you on the scene in person as a resource and all-around physical-culture sensei.

        From my own selfish point of view, I am hoping that the notes, thoughts, and observations that you pick up and formulate during the course of your work at Efficient Exercise will make the “Theory to Practice” blog even better.

        All good wishes to you in this new and exciting enterprise, sir.

  2. Keith, I’m happy for you and your wife! Once you get settled, perhaps I’ll be able to thank both of you personally for the help you’ve given me as I dove into the paleo lifestyle. A lifestyle I never would have heard of had it not been for this blog…

    I still need to work on the regular exercise thing…but my lifestyle has already improved dramatically these past 8 months with an assist to you.

    Take care my friend,

  3. Congrats Keith!

    This is awesome, incredible news! I can’t wait to follow along! What a great thrill for you to pursue your passion! I love to see people who grab a mitt and jump into the game. Give ’em hell! 🙂

  4. Congratulations!! What a very exciting opportunity!

    And of course, as your fellow Texan, we’re proud to have you back! I only wish I was closer to Austin to be able to hire you for some sessions. Oh well, you inspire, and I look forward to whatever comes this way via the blog.

    Congrats again!

  5. Awesome. Congratulations Keith. You are already a great representative, educator, and motivator for the physical culture lifestyle. I’m sure you will be very successful with this and look forward to seeing things move forward.

  6. Keith, I am thrilled to have you on board our team here at Efficient Exercise and I am confident the ripple effect here in Austin will carry with it many changed lives. Here’s to the future!

  7. Congratulations! And also for the ‘top-fitness-blog-medallion’. The award is well deserved, and I am sure that your clients will think the same of you!

  8. Keith,

    I couldn’t be happier for you.

    “Time doesn’t stand still, though, and we all have to heed our calling if we are to be truly fulfilled.”

    How incredibly wonderful. Best of luck Keith and thank you so much for all the things you have shared which allowed me to investigate and learn more.
    Many of us owe you a great deal.

    I look forward to my next trip to Austin even more now in the hope to perhaps get lucky enough to train with you!


    • Make sure to c’mon by, Marc; we’ll give you an workout-induced metabolic stoke that will allow you to sample the Austin eats scene with a clean conscious. I just about shut down Artz Ribs after Skyler put me through the paces 🙂

    • Thanks, Steve — and btw, Paleo kits are still the best “fast food” around. I’ll be sure to have a few on hand to see me through my cross-country transition 🙂

  9. Congratulations! A few of us will miss the thought of you nearby in North Carolina, but there is nothing better than doing what you love in your one true home. Good luck with it (not that you need any)!

  10. That’s great news Keith, i’m very happy for you, congratulations!

    I have a question, how about if we are in another corner of the world and looking for a personalized training experience and/or some serious lifestyle coaching? Why don’t you come up with something on the internet?

    Martin from has some students with good results.

    a potential client

  11. Keith,

    This is TOO AWESOME!! Happy blessings!!! The athletes in your area are truly lucky to have your kind (but ruthless) guidance and SUPERBAD*SS experience!

    *relief* Thank you goodness you are not closer otherwise I’d have to sign myself up and let you kick my LAME *SS!


    • Thanks, G! Whenever you’re out in Austin, stop on by — great workout, fantastic post-workout meal, the works! 🙂

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