No Definition…

How would one “program” the following workout into a trainee’s overall regimen?  What the hell would you call such a thing?  Other than, “insane”, I suppose.

Touche 🙂

Here was the evenings happenings:

– a three-mile fixie huck, chock-full of starts, stops and sprints.

– a stop at Epoc Coffee, for a redeye and a wade through email purgatory

– on the road again; 6 miles of starts, stops, sprints.  Final destination, Efficient Exercise’s downtown location.

– A mish-mash of Nautilus Pec Dec, Nautilus Pullover, and bodyweight dip work.  All zone/JRep training. Completely by “feel”; no loads recorded, no past journal entries consulted and no journal entry made.  No real rhyme or reason to what zones I hit in each exercise other than what instinct dictated.  All zones were taken to failure, and I pulled the plug when I’d “had enough”.  Rep tempos varied; sometimes I repeated the same zone, other times not.  Why?  Because it felt right.

– a 6-ish mile mad dash down the Juggernaut that is the ATX’s Guadalupe street at 5 PM.

This is what it is to flow, with no regard for definition.

In health,


7 responses to “No Definition…

  1. I love “fixie huck” . You could have an entire section based on you and your fixie adventures. Maybe even a TV show. As an aside, I need to work “fixie huck” into my conversations at least once a week. And I’ll settle for just the “huck” part. Careful on those city streets haus.

    • Yeah, “snatch” and “huck” are just super-fine words to use in everyday conversation 🙂 My merging of hobbies offers not only unique fitness experience, but a damn fine extension of my (otherwise limited) vocabulary!

      And yeah, those streets do bite back. I’ve got the scars to prove it 🙂

  2. Not sure what I would call it, but it sounds a lot like my day when I ride to work and hit the gym on route home, 10 miles in – stop, start, sprints trying to beat the cars in traffic, 10 miles back, gym on route for a few of whatever I fancy, deads, chins, flys etc.

    Glad Im not the only one doing more than what my body should theoretically handle.

    But boy do I sleep well after

  3. Haha yeah labeling can be tricky when you work outside the box. I always get shit from my friends for not doing any cardio, and I always say “what would you call a dead lift walk at 120% of my body weight for 10 laps?”

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