Bowflex Killer?

“Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.”  – Bertrand Russell 

Yeah, the “Bowflex Killer” — that’s what Anthony Johnson, architect and founder of the 21 Convention, has dubbed the ARX Fit Omni.

The Omni is the “home” version of the industrial units we use as part of our overall training package at Efficient Exercise.  We don’t claim this technology to be the only way (though it certainly can be, for those who are time-crunched), but rather a unique addition to an overall and inclusive exercise methodology.

I won’t drone on, as that’s what this clip is for.  So here’s your’s truly dishin’ on the goods at this year’s 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida.  Enjoy!

Adaptive Resistance eXercise — it’s not the only way, but it sure is one hellova way.

In health,


13 responses to “Bowflex Killer?

  1. Keith,
    I’m qualified now to truly say that I’ve been following your writings for years now. Thanks for sharing your observations and connections along the way. Watching this video was truly a great culmination of so many of your thoughts on putting theory into practice. This piece of equipment has a lot of thinkering behind it, I look forward to trying it.

    Best Regards,

  2. Keith,

    I want one of these suckers in a big way! Honestly…I’m totally sold. The current place I live in is probably too small for a home gym, but as soon as I set one up…I’m getting one of these.

    I watched the entire 53 minute video. I’ll put this vid up on Fitness Black Book’s Facebook page.

    Have you guys given out price yet for the home version?


  3. I don’t think the Bowflex killer analogy is adequate. First, Bowflex is roughly affordable for most people (this is on the assumption that the Omni is going to be fairly expensive. That is, closer to 2 grand than one or less).

    Secondly, check out craigslist on any day and you will see Bowflexes listed for sale constantly. Like most exercise equipment people use it once or twice & then let it collect dust. Same would probably happen to the Omni assuming people can get past the theoretically high price point.

    Thirdly, most people aren’t inclined to torture themselves in the name of “efficiency” and in the privacy of their own home with lack of a trainer pushing them…well, we can see where that will lead.

  4. Excellent stuff, and the video made me super super impatient to see your previous days presentation, I can’t wait to see it!

    I love the little force/velocity explanation you gave, super concise and to the point.

    Sucks that the computer didn’t work, because honestly the coolest thing I find about he ARX’s is the computer read out I’ve seen in the gym videos you posted on youtube. So much cooler than just loading plates, getting to see your effort literally by the numbers.

    Good stuff!

  5. Love it. Certainly enough so to have got in touch with Mark at ARX Fit and find out costs to get one shipped to the UK. The Omni is hardly inexpensive but It’s a relatively compact and extremely versatile piece of equipment that I can use effectively with every client I work with. Plus, I’m not gonna lie, I want it for me!

      • It’d fit in pretty perfectly with everything else we use here, for sure. I just know every client would want it incorporated into their training as soon as it arrived; and who could blame them really? I know I’d be wanting the same!

  6. I think that explanation of the F vs V curve was worth watching the whole video. I thought we always wanted to be at the bottom right because it’s so taxing. I didn’t realize you wanted to hit the other parts too, just to mix it up. That was definitely a lightbulb moment for me. Thanks.

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