Carbohydrate Addiction

“The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.” – Sir William Osler An opportunity missed …or, yet another instance of damn, I wish I’d had my camera. Meesus TTP and I had to travel down to Georgia over the July 4th weekend to tend to a few remaining loose ends as a consequence of B’s […]

Insulin Response

“Men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all the other alternatives.” – Abba Eban photo cred: DeathByBokeh Inundate yourself with Paleo-minded information long enough, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that insulin is the consummate “bad guy” hormone.  That’s a little too simplistic a way to look at insulin, though — even […]

Meal Frequency, and its Affects Upon Musculature

“Diogenes struck the father when the son swore.” – Robert Burton The following question comes by way of TTP reader Bret Brams (any relation to Johannes, I wonder?), a teacher from Belgium.  Bret tells me that his interests revolve around anything related to the fields of nutrition, sports science, psychology and biology.   Sounds like a […]

Polishing the Phyique, and Improving Health, with Intermittant Fasting

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” ~ Publisher William Feather These aren’t exactly the best two pictures in the world to convey the point I’d like to make in this post, but we’ll just have to roll with what we’ve got. The preceding picture was taken […]

Barriers Between You and Living the Paleo/Evolutionary Fitness Lifestyle

“They who overcome their desires once can overcome them always.” Pierre Corneille Experience has taught me that there are two main obstacles at play that serve to  prevent the newly-initiated from reaching their Paleo/EvFit dietary goals. Actually, there is a subgroup and an obstacle associated with that subgroup that relates to the scaling-back of workouts […]