The Endorsements: Paleokits

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened.”

Alexander Graham Bell

I’ve thought that an every-so-often post covering products, services and/or merchants that I think enough of to endorse would be a good thing.  It’s a win-win in my book; the altruist in me gets to feel like he’s done a good deed by promoting, in at least some small way, a good product, service or seller deserving of positive press.  The more pragmatic me would like to know if there is possibly an even better (fill in the blank) out there that he’s heretofore been unaware of, or maybe he needs to consider (fill in the blank) in a new light.  So by all means, if you think I’m off my rocker, let me know; don’t let me get away unscathed with disseminating hare-brained information 🙂

And now for the disclaimer: while I receive no compensation as such for my endorsements, I am, from time-to-time, sent free, no strings attached, “samples” of certain products.  Now, I don’t believe that this necessarily sways my opinion toward the good — for instance, I have been sent products (a book to review, in this particular instance) that I simply could not endorse.  My opinion here is that, since I did not actually purchase the product with my own funds, I am not at liberty to not recommend the product.  In a case such as this (and with this particular book), I simply told the publisher that I could not comment favorably on the book, and so I would not comment at all.  The bigger question in this particular case was why the publisher ever felt that I’d gush favorably on this tripe — a “mainstream” approach, calories-in/calories-out, diet scheme.  Oh well, as they say, life is strange, and people are stranger yet.  Anyway, the net result was that you heard nothing from me — to the good or ill — on the work, and said book went straight to the recycle heap where, if a righteous universe is willing, it will never see the light of day again.

And now, with that out of the way, let’s move on to the meat of inaugural, TTP “Endorsements” post: Paleokits

good grub, in a pinch
good grub, in a pinch

The down and dirty on these little beauts: A damn good idea, these Paleokits.  And pretty dang tasty, too.   Now, I try to opt for real food at every opportunity, and, when that’s not possible, I fast.  Fairly easy, plain and simple concept, no?  But there are times when this structure absolutely hits the skids; exhibit A: a day’s worth of airport travel.  My last trip back home to beautiful G-Vegas, NC from San Antonio, Texas found me in an extended Chicago O’hare layover at T+24-hours fasted.  Now a better man would have just gutted it out ’til the following morning; a lesser man would’ve succumb to standard American airport fare.  Well, call me a wuss if you will, but I opted for the Paleokit, and I’m damn sure glad I did.  They really are a wonderful mix of ingredients.  Jerky, nuts and a smattering of dried cranberries and strawberries.  With an all-important, fabulous mouth-feel, as well.   They sport a 4/2/7 protein/carb/fat ratio as measured in Zone blocks (if that registers with anyone); I could just look at the contents and gauge that the macro-nutrient breakdown was a hell of a lot better than, oh…about 100% of my other available options.  Ok, enough with the man-crushing; any knocks, you ask?  Well, if I had to nit-pic, I’d say that they’re a bit cumbersome to eat — in public, anyway.  Buy hey, whaddaya expect out of a big clump of tasty beef jerky, huh?  C’mon, we’re caveman wannabes, right?  Embrace the two-handed grip, clinched jaw rip.  It’ll set the stage properly for the subsequent and requisite, 10- minute, open-mouthed, chew-down.  Keep the grunting to a minimum and everything will be everything.

All joking aside, I do plan to order a good many of these packets, I liked them that much — both for the convenience and for the taste.  I think they’ll do (and pack) well for extended bike rides to boot.  And hell, I’m sure they store forever, so keeping a good surplus of them around for those pinch-times will pay dividends Paleo “bail-outs” alone.

Oh and by the way, I figured I’d get held up, hassled and cavity-searched (while barefooted) at airport security, trying to explain why I had these funky, shrink wrapped, plastic-explosive-looking items in my carry-on.  Not to be though, as they passed through a total of 4 security checks throughout my trip with nary a word from anyone in blue.  Hmmm, maybe these things are more ubiquitous than I thought.  Or maybe airport security is really…oh well, let’s not go there now.

In health,