12/3/09, Strength-Speed Empasis

Yesterday’s blood donation did not affect today’s performance as much as donating has in the past.  Last night’s dinner was an egg, beef and milk fest – correlation?

AM workout, 6:20 – 7:15.  15 minute warmup.

  • snatch-grip high pull (from floor): 135 x5; 165 x 5; 185 x 3; 195 x 4 “micro-sets” of 2 each, rest-pause fashion
  • weighted dips: 45 x 5; 70 x 5; 90 x 3; 95 x 4 “micro-sets” of 2 each, rest-pause fashion

Sprint-start CNS prime/combo, prior to each high-pull set, like this: 20 meter/ballistic rev-grip pull-ups x 3/20 meter/40 meter/elevated feet ballistic push-ups x 5/20 meter.  Approx. 5 secs “rest” between movements.

3 ballistic dips (catch air on each) prior to each dip set.

Primary emphasis was on rep quality at maximal weight in the 3 – 5 rep range, secondary emphasis on explosive endurance.

11/29/09, A Quick Workout; in Anticipation of a Day’s Worth of Travel

Wow, so thankful to be able to get out and about today prior to spending the balance of the day bottled-up in a vehicle and on the road.  Bright, sunny skies, low 60’s, no humidity…simply stunning!  End of November, and I’m able to get in some sprints – not only barefooted, but shirtless as well!   A little natural vitamin D does a body (and an attitude) some serious good.  Again, nothing mind-blowing here, just a little bit of explosive movement in the glorious sunshine!

  • Sprint starts x 30 meters x 5.  Full acceleration to 30 meters, followed by fast as possible deceleration to full stop.
  • straight bar muscle-up combo x 3 ==> reverse-grip ballistic pull-up, reverse grip in mid air transition, decelerate/transition to regular grip muscle-up = 1 “rep”
  • elevated feet ring flye x 12

4 rounds of this.  I had a little extra time at the conclusion of this, so I hit singles (15 secs rest or so in between each rep) of the m/u combo until I failed.  Quit counting at 7 reps.  Would have stayed outside forever if I didn’t have to get on the road.

11/23/09, Strength-Speed Endurance Emphasis

Front loading the beginning of the week in anticipation of a long off period over the holiday weekend.  6+ hours of deep, deep sleep.  Is it “normal” not to ever remember dreams?

30 minutes to complete the following.  Again, the emphasis is on the quality of each rep vs. the overall time of completion.  Secondary concern is to pack as much movement as possible into the allotted 30-minute time frame.

  • sprint starts (20 meter/40meter/20 meter)
  • straight bar muscle-ups x 3
  • Deadlifts (over/under grip): 135 x 5; 225 x 5; 315 x 3; 335 x (2, 2, 3, 1) rest-pause
  • elevated feet ballistic push-ups x 4
  • single-arm DB floor press: 70 x 5; 80 x 5; 90 x 4; 100 x (3, 2, 1 – alternating arms, i.e., 3 left, 3 right…) rest pause

Notice the difference between a deadlift “strength-speed” emphasis and a low-pull “speed-strength” emphasis.  Both movements are attempted as fast as possible, but the nature of the overall body position (and grip) of the deadlift allows for only so fast an actual concentric movement.  Same with the single-arm DB press.