Thought I fell off the Edge of the Earth, huh?

Well, I suppose I have fallen off the edge of the “wired”¬†earth ūüôā¬† Slowly but surely, though, I am making my way back into some sense of wired-world normalcy.¬† And hey, have I mentioned that I love my new gig with Efficient Exercise of Austin?¬† Yeah, it’s true; I’m like a kid in a candy store…er, more like a Neanderthal at a cave bear kill!¬† I get to¬†train/partner with¬†a spectrum of interesting clients (each with unique goals)¬†for a living and I have access to so many fitness toys it’s simply mind-boggling.¬† How cool is that?¬† Very, very cool in my book!

So my day-to-day routine is totally out of the window for the time being, which is both a good¬†and, in some respects, a very challenging thing to deal with.¬† One the good side of the ledger, my body has been exposed to a myriad¬†of new movements and schemes which, in turn, forces a whole new level of adaptation.¬† This¬†new “workout landscape” produces an exhilarating feeling and a CNS that is now hyper-wired as a result of trying to keep up with each¬†new stimulus being thrown its way.¬† Also, my caffeine consumption has dropped dramatically;¬†that will soon change, however, as Austin is replete with some of the coolest coffee shops anywhere, like the fantastic¬†Thunderbird Coffee, which is only about a mile’s hard fixie sprint from my Rosedale studio.¬† Oh, and have I mentioned that I’m now in fixie¬†paradise?¬† Yeah, it’s true, I’m lovin’ my new surroundings.

For the next couple of weeks, Meesus TTP and I will be living in limbo, as the closing on¬†our new casa won’t take place until on or around the 15th of this month.¬† Then, another round of adjustment will unfold, and another new groove will be laid down.¬† Hang with me folks; eventually I’ll return to my old blogging ways.

I’ll leave you today with the following¬†little food-for-thought morsel (hat-tip to TTP reader Dan for bringing this to my attention): the US Army’s lowering of physical fitness standards.¬† This is sad commentary indeed¬†on the state of the nation’s well-being.¬† And this isn’t a problem particular to only the US — all “developed” nations face the same crisis of dwindling¬†physical readiness.¬† Couple poor physical readiness¬†with the¬†push toward “low-fat” offerings in the chow halls and, well…let’s just say this is a bad double-whammy for the guardians of freedom.¬† How can a nation continue to adequately defend itself when its fighting forces are of dwindling strength and dwindling vigor?