Gary Taubes Q & A

A highly recommended read ~

A highly recommended read ~

Just a quick post to alert everyone to a sampling of what I consider to be one of the brightest aspects of Web 2.0, namely the immediacy of sharing vital information, pinpointed to particular areas of interests.

Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, took the time to answer a host of questions posited by readers of Dr. Michael Eade’s blog.

Check out Gary’s answers to a handful of the gazillion (had to be!) questions that were submitted last week.  And it just so happens that the first question answered out of the gate was one that your’s truly submitted.  OK, well I’m sure that I was just one of a thousand or so with the same question (it’s one that all of us low-carbers have to face).  Nothing groundbreaking in Gary’s response, but it was nice to see this question taken on head first.

My question, in a nutshell, was “how is it that Asians, eating an indigenous diet (high carbohydrate, low fat, moderate protein) manage to stay thin.  This seems to be a paradox to the “high carb theory” of obesity.”  This question was more in the line of a Socratic form of questioning meant to illuminate what I already “know” to be true, but that I really want to emphasize, as this is the “bail-out” scenario many folks of a high carbohydrate leaning throw out during “diet-dogma” conversations with me.  I try not to evangelize, however, as I do believe that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, well, let’s just say, I always like to have my “teacher spiel” down pat.  And I know Gary is the best in the business at whittling good science down to digestible, readily understandable, bits.

Enjoy the Q & A.  Lots of good info to be had…and for free!

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