Workouts for the Week of March 1st, 2009

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices.”

~ William James

Let’s see, we started off this week with snow, ice and temperatures in the teens, and finished up the week with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s. It must be spring time in the South.

I’d suggest to those who have problems (either real or perceived) juggling a workout between work and other commitments, pay close attention to the next few months of my own workout juggling. Last week was crazy-busy, and this coming week promises more of the same. Work has gone from normal-busy to flat-out insane, trying to sell a house in a pummeled market is, if nothing else, stressful, and my son’s baseball team has a jam-packed schedule as well. And I still want to – have to – squeeze in a workout here and there. Oh, and have a life somewhere in between as well. Let’s see how I managed.

Wednesday morning at the Y

Still keeping with the 25 for a bigger engine concept, though not to the total exclusion of power and/or strength work. For the next few weeks, though, a higher total rep theme will be the overall emphasis of my workouts.

1. Front squat x 5

2. BTN Push-Press x 5

3. Weighted, Regular-Grip Pull-Ups x 7

5 total rounds of that combination. I had to break-up the final 2 (3?) sets of BTN presses into rest-pause sets of 3s and 2s because I went heavier on the front squats (I used the same weight and rack for both exercises).

Friday morning at the Y

So simple in design, though such a resultant body thrash!

1. Power Clean Grip Low Pull (from the floor) x 5

2. Weighted Dips x 5

5 total rounds of that superset. There’s nothing slow about the low pull. Explode out of the hole, and end up on the tip-toes with traps up about the ears. Repeat. Stumble over to the dip rack, load up and get to work. After 5 rounds, whimper, cry and drag on into the paying gig.

Friday evening at the Y

I knew the chances of squeezing in a workout over the weekend would be slim to none, thus the evening session. Here we go:

  1. Front Press x 5
  2. Weighted Reverse-Grip Pull-Ups x 5

5 total rounds of that. I used just the slightest dip & drive in the front press, resulting in an exercise that landed somewhere between a strict military press and a push-press. To cap off a pretty tough day in the gym, I took in about 40 minutes worth of contrast steam bath/cold shower recovery. You just can’t beat it for rejuvenation.

In Health,


2 responses to “Workouts for the Week of March 1st, 2009

  1. Good stuff Keith. I am rolling from my spacious, cushy big deck LHD, with it’s large and reasonably well equipped (even compared to a carrier) gym, to a DDG. I imagine that my workout options will be limited to what i can do with a few kettlebells (44, 53, and 70#), gymnastic rings, pullup/dip weight belt, and maybe a pullup bar, and all in minimal space. I’m not totally disheartened, but I’ll certainly need to reengineer my workouts to accomodate this. I think this summer (I don’t roll till August-sept), my training will certainly be devoted to a lot of deads/cleans and sprinting . . . three areas of posterior chain work that will be very hard to recreate on in a small boy.

    I’m thinking, in addition to weighted pullups, dips, ring work, and intervals w/ the KB snatch, I’ll be doing a good amount of 1-legged split snatch/clean/jerk stuff for power, while on board. Russian split lunges may find their place in there as well. Any advice on other things that can stand in for heavy deadlifting, cleaning, and sprinting? I know there are no true substitutes, but I want to take any underway time or deployments in stride (pun intended).


    • It can be done, Bryce,you’re just going to have to be creative. I survived 2 Meds and an IO on a CGN & came out no worse for the wear.

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