2/7/10, Easing Back Into Things

What better way to climb back in the saddle than with some ass-to-grass front squats and explosive GHRs?  I’m amazed at just how “heavy” a not-so-heavy weight feels after having been away from the gym for a while.  The CNS, I suppose, adjusts accordingly – ramping-up/down as required so as to accommodate for perceived “threats”.   The same type of adjustment occurs when an athlete moves up a rung on the competitive ladder – i.e., adjustment to a new, higher intensity level, an increased “game speed”.  Soon enough, the CNS adjust, and the new higher-intensity, increased speed becomes the new-normal – until the next step up, when the process repeats anew.

Today’s workout came at 1PM, following a 10 AM meal of a 3-egg, bacon and cheese omelet.  I didn’t perceive much difference one way or the other (vs working out in a fasted state) as far energy or strength levels are concerned, which I believe bodes well for my body’s ability to maintain a high energy level even under fasted conditions.  Yea Paleo.

So, how does one attack things when he hasn’t been in the gym in over a week?  Walk in, drop the gym bag, immediately pick up a pair of 105lb DBs and hit two back-to-back sets of 180 yd. farmer’s walks, each completed in less than 2:10 secs.  Nice little pre-warm up.  I followed that up with 5 or 6 sets of light overhead squats to get my body uncoiled.  I’ll do quite a bit of these in the days to come, as OHS are one of the best dynamic stretch/warm-ups I know of.  Then it was on to the day’s fun:

Front squats (all ATG, very strict, no form break)

Wave 1

135 x 5

175 x 4

185 x 3

190 x 2

205 x 1

Wave 2

195 x 3

205 x 2

215 x 1

GHRs (each rep explosive – no form break, no grinds)

10 sets of 3s at 40 lbs.

Post workout meal?  Some beef roast and 1/3 stick of raw butter.  Total calories and fat/protein composition?  I have no idea, and don’t care to investigate.  The amount of roast was just what was leftover in the fridge, and the amount of butter was simply deemed “a decent amount”, and cleaved from the stick.  How’s that for weighing and measuring?  🙂

6 responses to “2/7/10, Easing Back Into Things

  1. I have been experimenting with Coach Rutheford’s MEBB (Max-Effort-Black-Box) program with a friend. It looks very much like what you’ve done here with progressive increases in exercises. My front squat sets for MEBB go 5-5-5-3-3-3 one week, and 3-3-3-1-1-1 the next, hitting a max of 265 on the 1’s. Great progress!

    I am beginning to see the drawbacks of Crossfit’s stress on constant MetCon workouts, and plan to drop to doing fewer of those.


    • The MetCon >> Power >> Strength continuum must be viewed in light of what your ultimate (and immediate) goals are. Unfortunately, we (i.e., our bodies) cannot master/excel at more than one modality at a time. To PR on strength numbers will necessitate a drop-off in metcon performance (and vice-versa). I wish it were not so, but alas, it is true. I think the key is to manipulate the Crossfit concepts to fit individual goals. Following the prescribed WODs is good, I believe, for beginning/intermediate trainee’s who want to skew toward the metcon side of the continuum. More precise goals however, require more advanced training techniques.

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