Of Dolphins and Diabetes…and Being “That Guy”

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” – Will Durant

Great post here by Peter (of Hyperlipid), in reference to this BBC story (Dolphins Have Diabetes Off Switch).  Peter pretty much sums-up all that needs to be said about this; no need for me to elaborate any further.  I’ll just add that NPR Science Friday aired this show recently, about the same subject, so if you’re interested, you can check that out as well.  Poor dolphins; next thing you know, we’ll be trying to force vegetarianism down their gullets – all in the name of “saving” them from the ravages of disease, of course.  Sheesh.

Which leads me to this thought: why haven’t I been posting much on the diet front?  I mean, sure, I’ll Twitter-up a photo now and again of a meal or report on this eat or that, but…

…but the thing is, there really isn’t that much to say on that front that isn’t already well covered by a host of other fine folks (see my blogroll, to the right).  I eat in a raw-dairy-included, Paleo way, plain and simple.  I don’t try to craft Paleo knock-offs of SAD standards — that’s just not my way… I don’t feel that it’s  wrong, per se, it’s just not my way of doing business.  See Kurt’s recent post, Smoking Candy Cigarettes, for more on this mindset.   Kurt and I are on the same wavelength here.

I try, in my personal, daily dealings, to fly under the RADAR on the subject of physical culture in general, and of the Paleo lifestyle in particular.  If someone asks specifically about this or that, I’ll give them all they care to drink; unasked-for evangelism, though, you’ll not get from me.  However, sometimes situations develop that cast me, reluctantly, into the, “oh, that guy” spotlight.  How’s this for “one of those moments”?: You’re in the middle of a 12-hour work marathon (on a Saturday, no less) – plenty of “let’s all pull together” teamwork in the air, and with no real time to break for a meal.  Then, as a “thanks for going the extra mile” gesture, your boss orders in… what else?  Pizza.  Super nice folks, and a much appreciated gesture, but…

Yeah, if you’re Paleo, you’ve been there.  What did I do?  Well, as discretely as possible – while still trying my best to be appreciative (I truly was!) and sociable (I really do like these folks!) – I ate my PaleoKit (I keep them stashed at my desk for just this kind of an emergency), along with an avocado.  Did I stand out like a whore in church?  No doubt I did.  But I’ve got to be true to myself, too.  And that means no compromises — even if it does mean sometimes being that guy.

Now I’ve said it before, but this I truly believe: success on the diet front really is more about psychology than it is about manipulating physiology.  The nuts and bolts surrounding the physiological/biological aspects of diet – and of sustaining life, for that matter – although amazing, are established and well-known.  The human psyche, however, is want to run amuck.  Get the horse back in the corral, and all else will take care of itself.

And on the subject of human physiology/biology, who better to close-out this post than my smart and ultra-creative buds from Stanford.  I love these guys.  Just fantastic…

2 responses to “Of Dolphins and Diabetes…and Being “That Guy”

  1. Keith,
    Right on the money!
    Some raw cheese and heavy cream for my coffee and cooking, that’s the extent of my dairy.
    At times, it’s tough to be “that guy”…it’s not for everyone.


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