New Address, Y’all!

Heads-up my friends, TTP has now joined forces with his lovely and accomplished wife (AKA Meesus TTP), of Eclectic Kitchen and Caveman Cuisine fame, and has shifted his S & C dog-and-pony show across town to Ancestral Momentum.   Hopefully, I’ll soon have an automatic redirect at this address, but until then…

Everything from this site has been copied to the new location (in theory, anyway), so nothing should be lost…including past post comments.  So be sure to come join us over at Ancestral Momentum for the best in S & C talk, combined with the whit and knowledge of one of the most accomplished Paleo/Primal chefs around!  See ya there!

In health…and fitness,


5 responses to “New Address, Y’all!

  1. Good Luck, with the new site & a Happy New Year, Keith. I woke up to leave to the gym this morning but ended up watching your presentation at the 21 convention and to say it was great, would be an under statement. I for one had been trying to stick on to the force side of the curve, deliberately slowing down my reps and guess what, I was almost sucked by that rut. One thing I do understand now (atl least now) is that, its not my basecamp. I am tall, lean and have small joints. But, in trying to stay on that slower tempo side(force side), I never progressed and though I managed some transformation purely based on tenacity and sticking doggedly to something and getting my diet in order, I now feel I could have achieved a lot more, if I were to find my basecamp that definitely lies on the velocity side. Faster power production, faster reps- these are what I am gonna shoot for. Put in auto regulation and the equation for the template looks good. Since, I had “crushed” myself under the force part for long, recoveries were hindered too, leaving me no option but to workout once a week or at the most thrice every two weeks. Every now and then when I implemented certain changes from observing your works, it has worked like charm and the last week was one such good example. Every one makes mistakes, but to accept and admit that it was a mistake is what counts and shows the path towards progress. I realize where I went wrong, have accepted the path that I took was wrong and am looking forward to changing it. The beauty of this pursuit is that it is always evolving and though I might have lost some good time towards obtaining better results, it did teach me a very important point about discovering what doesn’t work for me. Thanks Keith. Your experience is such an important lesson from which we all can derive a lot and compare it to our paths and design the most efficient template that WILL produce results. At least, I still stuck doggedly, whereas this path would have led to frustration and bail out of exercising completely for many from one of the most important aspects of life.


    • No failures, only feedback, right? Keep that super-slow methodology in your back pocket though, because your own life circumstances (or those of a future client?) my dictate the use of that method. There is no permanent right answer, only the right answer at a particular time and circumstance.

  2. I can’t stop but come back and post this. All the signs were there when I was in school. I was part of the 4 x 100 gold winning team(starter), and always won or finished top 3 in 200 and 400 mts. Javelin throw was another one that i excelled. I did do well in sports that had short bursts of speed associated. Cricket for instance. But, somewhere down the road, due to study pressures i left participating in these events. Who knows, if my parents and teachers didn’t pressure me, i could have been a good athlete. Well, that’s history. Now, coming back to the point, I always excelled at speed events, but after the initial foray of “Arnoldesque” volume, I did progress well when following a Dorian style workout that had a quick positive and a controlled negative. Somewhere down the road I over educated myself and went slower and slower, “crushing” myself and not progressing on weights, but doggedly went about reaching failure every time i worked out. In between these bouts, I had certain enjoyable sessions where i did a bit of volume work, but felt significantly better and not thrashed. I still didn’t take the cues. This time around I am taking the cues and am going ahead pursuing my n=1. Thanks Keith for the “eye opener” presentation.


  3. Today was a great start to my Physical Culture pursuit. The following was the workout.

    A1 Standing Press
    A2 Pull downs

    done superset fashion and autoregulated.

    Followed it up with Power Cleans 7 sets of 3 reps.

    Feel really great and operating in my basecamp, I feel great. Will keep updating and surfing the curve, but majorly staying in my basecamp.


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